Mobility Scooter Types and Accessories – Making The Right Choice

Demand for high-quality walking aids and powered scooters has never been higher in the UK, which is precisely why the market for such products is quite literally exploding at a record pace. These days, those in need of some kind of mobility aid have the pick of thousands of different products and accessories, meaning that no matter what it is you need or what kind of budget you have to spare, there’s a pretty strong chance you’ll find exactly what you need. That being said, this kind of choice can make it difficult to know where to start when looking to invest in your very first scooter, which is why it’s a good idea to think carefully about what you need before going ahead.

So, with this in mind, here’s a quick overview of some of the key considerations to mull over prior to purchasing that essential mobility aid that’s guaranteed to change your life for the better:

Portable Scooters

While it’s natural to instinctively look straight in the direction of those larger and more luxurious scooters, it’s often far more beneficial and convenient to consider a portable scooter – aka a boot scooter. As the name suggests, these are the kinds of scooters that have been designed to be as compact and lightweight as possible so that they can be popped in the boot of the average car and taken anywhere with ease. These do tend to be the kinds of scooters that are rather limited when it comes to range and the kind of terrain they can tackle, but in terms of convenience and for occasional use, portable scooters take some beating.

Mid-Size Scooters

One step up from the boot scooter is the type that falls into the mid-size category, which don’t tend to be quite as portable but make up for this in other areas. For example, while a boot scooter may be good for a range of 10 miles or so from a single charge, a mid-size scooter may be able to travel up to 25 miles. What’s more, they’re also able to carry heavier passengers (usually up to about 23 stones) and more luggage/shopping too. If necessary, it’s usually possible to dismantle a mid-size scooter in order for it to be transported, though the job can be rather taxing and involves the use of various tools.

Class 3 Scooters – Town and Country

Generally considered the very top of the range scooters, class 3 or town & country class models are the largest, most powerful, most capable and most comfortable of all. They have a top speed that varies between 6mph and 8mph and feature much larger batteries to allow for vastly extended ranges from a single charge. The seat tends to be wholly more luxurious than those of lesser classes and can also be adjusted in multiple ways in accordance with the person using it at the time. Suspension is of a higher standard, more terrain types can be traversed, curbs can be handled with ease and longer journeys are extremely comfortable. The only downsides being those of portability and the fact that class 3 scooters are always the most expensive to buy in the first instance.

Scooter Accessories

What’s really great about the quality scooters on the market today is the way in which it’s possible to add all manner of accessories to them in order to further their versatility and appeal. Some of the more common and popular examples include:

  • Walking Stick Holders – Various different accessories can be mounted to the front, sides or back of the scooter in order to safely and effectively carry walking sticks or crutches. Some scooters come with these already in-built, but if not, they can usually be added cheaply enough.
  • Rain Covers – Invest in the right rain cover for your scooter and you’ll be able to stay dry even when the Great British weather isn’t exactly on your side. Rain accessories range from simple ponchos to full head-to-toe adverse weather outfits specifically designed for use with scooters.
  • Storage Covers – If it’s necessary to store your scooter outdoors at any time, consider investing in a storage cover which for a very low price will protect it from the elements and prevent it from coming to harm.
  • Shopping Bags and Baskets – Some of the most popular accessories of all are those that allow shopping to be carried with each, with options ranging from baskets to hard ‘saddle bags’ and more.

For more information on the accessories available, get in touch with your local mobility centre for a free consultation.