The Dish:

There are several varieties of noodles that are available in the food world. As far as the noodles are concerned, they take different types, shapes, sizes and tastes in different countries. The Italians call it spaghetti, the others call it simple noodles, and the Chinese have their own range of noodle varieties made from various grains. They make it in rice, in wheat, some are vegetarian, some are non vegetarian and the most sought after noodles as of today and the rare one which not many countries have the real one is the ramen noodles. This is a specialty of the Japanese cuisine world as well as in china. The method of making the noodles is also quite unique and the mode of cooking also differs in all these countries and cultures.

From Jakarta:

The type of noodles that we are discussing here is the ramen Jakarta which has taken the culinary and gourmet platform by storm with all the amazing innovative ingredients that are used to develop a different version of the same. There are many different ways you can make the noodles which will include both the vegetarian and the non vegetarian varieties. Some of the varieties are made from ultra thin ramen noodles that swim in a broth and along the sides is the garnishing with spring onions and the red tomato paste. The non vegetarian is made of pork, which is again embellished with bean sprouts, caramelized onion, and on the side you have spring onions.

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The Courses:

As in any classic food, they offer, the appetizer, the main course, ala carte, the beverages and the desserts which are all one of a kind prepared with immense care and attention. Some of the dishes are made out of tofu which contains very soft and melt in the mouth tofu, there are the fish varieties which are served on long plates and each of the pieces of fish are sliced so thin and they are rolled in the seasoning and a little of chilies that add some punch to the dish. Each of these pieces are to be taken in one mouthful which will combine all the different combination of spices as if there is a small explosion of flavors at one go.

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There are a large variety of beverages that are on the menu and the presentation is as colorful as the rainbow. The choices of fruits that are used in the beverages are one of a kind, and are handpicked for their freshness and their appeal. The desserts are beverages are garnished with the freshest of fresh mint which makes it all the more appealing.

The Combo:

Apart from all these different varieties of dishes with a blend of Japanese and Chinese cuisines, the more pronounced of it all is the Japanese varieties of the ingredients. Taking the same ingredients, the change is concocted with the Japanese touch which will match up with the inland Japanese food just as they do in Japan. It would definitely give an experience of entering into a little bit of Japan here. The combo will have all the different varieties of food of your choice all put together as a package.

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            The cuisine that is presented here is one of the top which can be compared with the world’s gourmet restaurants. The list on the menu board is quite mouth watering even at first sight and the exotic presentation of the preparations are so bright and delightful. The names of these dishes are so different and  ramen Jakarta is where you will get it all in fanciful exotica.