Some Common Facts About Hernia Testicular Pain

What is Testicular Pain?

Testicles are most probably some of the most sensitive parts of the human body. Even a small minor injury to the testicles could result to a lot of pain. This type of pain causes great discomfort to the men. The pain is mostly short lasting and clears within minutes. However, depending on the causative agent, the pain could persist for a longer period of time. Testicular pain could result from a number of causative agents. Some of the agents that result to a testicular pain include kidney stones and hernia.

Testicular pain caused by hernia is referred to as hernia testicular pain. The testicular pain resulting from a hernia may begin in the groin or abdomen.  The pain could occur from within the testicles, around the testicles or sometimes in the epididymis, the coiled tubes in the testicles. The testicles are primarily designed to produce the hormone testosterone as well as sperms. Therefore when they are affected in any way. They could fail to function properly. It important that an immediate remedy should be carried out so as to effectively clear the condition before it worsens and causes other secondary conditions that could be life threatening.

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Some Common Facts About Hernia Testicular Pain

Symptoms of inguinal Hernia Testicular Pain

Testicular hernia pain could be mild or severe. In most cases when it is mild, it does not cause any visible symptoms. You may not be able to see the symptoms thereforecareful examinations should be carried out to diagnose the condition accurately. However you might observe a small bulging on the affected region. When the condition is severe, you may see a red or dark color on the bulged region. The pain mostly occurs while walking or when the testicles are brushed by a piece of clothes. The common symptoms for this condition include:

  • The most obvious symptom of this disease is a bulge near the area of your pubic bone.
  • You are likely to feel a burning or sometimes an itchy sensation on the testicles.
  • There may appear a sense of pressure in your groin.
  • You will experience pain in the testicles, around the testicles and in the epididymis. This pain causes you great discomfort. You might not be able to walk or wear any underpants.
  • A pain may be exacerbated when you cough or bend over.
  • You will also experience a dragging sensation of your testicles. In some cases the testicles feel heavier.
  • You will also experience a swelling on the testicles.
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When you experience such symptoms, it is advisable to seek medical attention from your physician. The doctor will need to examine you closely for other symptoms and advise you accurately. A persistent testicular hernia pain could lead to blockage of blood supply into the testicles. Therefore a surgery must be carried out to clear the condition. In mild cases, you can apply an ice pack on the affected region. This home remedy is mainly used to ease the pain and the occurrence of the other symptoms.

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