Professional Home Removals Versus DIY – Which Makes More Sense?

Sealing the deal with a new home is about as exciting as it gets, but when the dust settles it quickly becomes apparent that you have a rather foreboding task ahead of you – moving in. As such, you’ll be presented with a pretty crucial decision to make early on in the process, which is that of going with a professional removals company or having a crack at doing the job yourself.

Which begs the obvious question for those new to the art of moving – which makes more sense? DIY moves are certainly possible, so is it worth paying for outside help?

Well, the simple answer is that while calling in the pros to take care of home removals in Enfield isn’t going to come free of charge, there’s quite a lot more to it than costs alone. To say that both approaches don’t have their own unique benefits would be wrong, but at the same time there’s really no disputing how one of the two options comes out on top, every time.

Cost Savings or False Economy?

Of course, the first and most obvious benefit of taking care of your own domestic removal is that you don’t have to pay anyone to come and do it for you – you do it all yourself. In fact, this is the reason the overwhelming majority of people go about their own removals across the UK as the only thing, or should that be the most important thing, is getting it done cheap.

Sadly though, there’s a flaw in this logic to say the least as while the DIY approach may appear to be the cheapest, it’s not always the case. For one thing, you’re going to need the right vehicle to move the stuff over in the first place, which isn’t going to come free or cheap. Next there are the packing materials you’ll be needing to get wrapped up, not to mention the time off work you’ll have to take to make sure all the necessary jobs get done. Once totted up therefore, there’s every chance it could have worked out cheaper to invest in an all-in-one package from the professional movers.

And as it costs nothing to request a quotation, it’s more than worth enquiring before making a final decision.

Your Own Time, Your Own Pace

One of the other apparent benefits some of the UK’s DIY moving fans flag up is that of being able to keep control over everything in your own time and at your own pace. Or in other words, if you’d like to move a little bit here, a bit more there and frequently change your plans as often as you like, the flexibility of DIY moving allows you to do so.

Now, this is all well and good but if you were to speak to anyone with any experience of moving, chances are they’ll tell you that the last thing you want is to stretch the affair out to weeks or months. In fact, the sooner and faster you can get the whole process done, the better. These days, moving companies are so incredibly flexible and tend to work 24 hours a day and seven days a week – you’re therefore guaranteed to find a package that suits your schedule right down to the ground.

Safe Transit

Some would also have you believe that to entrust your most valuable possessions to a team of removals specialists is to take something of an unnecessary risk, when you could quite easily transport things yourself with the utmost care. Again however there’s a fault in this logic as were you to cram the car full of valuables, head over to the new place and summarily arrive to find a load of items broke along the way, how many do you think your car insurance would cover?

The short answer – none of them. By contrast, not only are professional removals firms meticulously careful with the property of clients, but the better examples are also 100% insured against any and every eventuality.

Peace of Mind

Last but not least, perhaps the single most enjoyable benefit that comes with taking on the services of the professionals is that of complete and total peace of mind. With the right help in-tow, you don’t have to worry about whether or not there’s anything you’ve forgotten, whether the car can cope with all the stuff or whether you have enough time to go about the move at all – every important box is ticked on your behalf.

So, even in instances when you may indeed end up paying a little more than going the DIY route, what you get in return is simply priceless.