Using Classic Marketing Strategies

In previous blog posts we’ve discussed how to promote yourself online—mostly through using innovations online and social media. But, there are a lot of advantages with more classic, paper-based marketing strategies that many of today’s companies tend to overlook.

The truth is that social media posts, emails, and other online strategies might be able to reach more people, but there is a sea of information that they are competing with for attention. In today’s increasingly online world, using a website like, and printing superb marketing materials, is a great way to make your business stand out.

Here is a breakdown of what you can do with printed materials to really increase your client base and visibility.


There’s a lot of talk today about branding. Choosing the perfect logo, colors, and designs that really represent what your company is all about has become an essential part of building a website and online presence. The trick is to carry all of that graphic design into your business’ physical location as well. Whether you own a coffee shop, boutique, or run a small office, getting printed materials that all carry the same great logo will catch the eye of anyone who visits your physical location and give the impression that you pay attention to details.


A brochure is the best way to get a lot of information about your products, history, and services all in one place that’s easy to disperse. For small businesses, the brochure is a perfect way to get information about your business out to locals and visitors. Just like the poster, this is the opportunity to create a striking logo. Compared to your website online, the great thing about brochures is that they can easily be handed out to customers who can then pass them on to their friends. Having something every customer can physically give out increases your chances of becoming better known in the community.


Similar to brochures, flyers are a great way to get the word out to potential customers in your immediate area. It can be hard to know which websites will attract everyone living in your neighborhood, but stuffing their mailboxes with upcoming special promotions is a great way to know you’re getting the word out to all the right people.

Online marketing is a great way to reach specific audiences, but when it comes to raising awareness about your business in your local community, nothing beats the classics. Especially, when you take the time and care to create paper marketing materials that will catch people’s eye, give them great information, and make them want to pay you a visit.

Turning to the old standards of marketing like brochures, flyers, and posters is more than nostalgia. This article, focusing on a business that has succeeded with old fashioned marketing, details how small businesses can really gain a lot from the classic strategies, and there are countless other examples of great ideas for small businesses using traditional marketing. Vary your marketing and dismiss Printed products only if you are sure that they won’t add value.