Inspiring Work From The True King Of Code

Many budding developers have the question, “How do I become a superstar programmer?” Programmers are kings of the code, because they are made kings of the code over the years. The most common thought that crosses the minds of developers is whether the use of any tools can help them. The truth is however that it is the person behind the code that makes them successful. However, in the modern world, there are more of language experts than genuine programmers, who find it easy to understand the terminologies of coding, but difficult to understand the nuances of applying them to the real world situations in coding. So, what can you do to become a superstar programmer?

Check your Code Before Blaming the Others

When you are stuck while coding a piece of program, go and take a look at what the others are doing. They may be doing something different than you or in a completely different order than you instead of blaming your co-workers for a bad code. The problems could be with your stack or with your compiler rather than with the others that have co-created a piece of code with you. Checking before blaming the others is what makes Kings of the Code tick.

Learn Continuously

You have to keep learning continuously before you could become a dinosaur in the industry; since you might end up being stuck in a job till the job goes to someone else one day. You could ask your employer whether they would provide you training in a new software program or whether they would be able to let you take out the time to go and attend a training program. You can also keep learning through books, the internet, computer magazines, Twitter feeds, blogs, newsgroups, and the like. However, it would be preferable to work with a mentor, who can teach you how to code well rather than trying to learn everything yourself. You can also attend conferences.

Care About the Code

One does not have to be an astrophysicist to know that good programmers write good code. Bad programmers do not however know this. They produce codes that have to be cleaned up by the rest of the coders. Good code does not happen out of high technical competence. You can find many highly qualified coders that have the technical competence, but cannot produce good code.

Good code does not happen out of sheer luck either, but due to sheer hard work and persistence. Find the highest resources to read more on how the true story of the Code King can inspire you to do better coding. While reading on the true story of the Code King, it is also imperative to keep in mind that even after the roaring success, the super rich often have personal issues and the same fear of losing business. Take the example of the Orkut social networking website, which was once a roaring business, but had to close down with the rise of Facebook.