10 Powerful Google Tools For Entrepreneurs To Manage and Grow Their Business

Google is the treasure for all internet surfers including entrepreneurs and the customers. It is not only a search engine but a powerful tool to serve multiple purposes. The best part of Google is that it has generated huge source of income for many by facilitating their infinite business rationales. No matter whether you are looking for free or paid tools, you can get all of them over web.

10 Powerful Google Tools For Entrepreneurs To Manage and Grow Their Business

Below are 10 arresting tools that play a vital role in growing your business to summit heights

Google My business is a free tool that connects you with infinite customers of your choice even if you are not connected with them physically. The right information created by them can make you build a long lasting relationship with your customers. Google map is an eye-catching tool that will show you the way to reach them. Despite of the devices you are using, you will be supported with driving directions, duration of journey and the phone number along with map while you are on your way. Google My business tool also facilitates you in gaining fan following. You get enriched with appreciations along with ratings and reviews. The +1 button on this tool is a magical wand as your content gets endorsed and you can share Google + posts again over web.

Google Trends: When your business is in burgeoning stage and you want to understand the customer’s interest, you need to have a deep understanding of the subject. Once you have know-how of marketing language, sales material, SEO, descriptive terminology etc you require keying-in some of the terms in the Google Trends search bar, that are relevant to your interest. You can entre as many as 5 topics at a time and check out how frequently they have been searched. This tool also helps you know as in which geographic location the search was made most. You can make comparisons based on the keywords, its traffic, and check out terms and evaluate the recognition of the searched terms. This is not it, Google trends serves many other purposes too. Explore the tool to learn more.

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Think with Google tool: This free tool assists you to extract the data and help your business grow. The lucrative consumer trends, marketing know-how, case studies, research made on various aspects of industry and creativity are various aspects that entrepreneurs should take advantage of. Your customers are encouraged to make online purchases and you need to make an intense study as in which marketing channels cater your business needs the most. The abundant marketing channels available on the web are behind the popularity of growth of any business and you need to decide what channels to employ to boost your business performance.

GoMo Google Tool: This tool is free of cost for the first year but paid there on. When you have a website that works well on all the screens of smart phones, computers and tablets, you have won half of the battle. You customers are likely to have a better browsing experience and thus they are likely to refer your website to many other members. With mobile in each and every hand, your website has to be mobile friendly so that when the visitors visits your website , they make a compelled purchase and turn into a potential customer. Step into mobile revolution and undergo transition from traditional advertisement to a digital one.

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Google Analytics tool: This tool develops an awareness regarding the evolution of your product on the mobile application or the desktop. This gives you an insight how your product is getting utilized on various platforms. Reinvent your marketing strategy and keep your website innovative and attractive holding your customer’s interest all the time.

Display Benchmarks Google tool: This tool will help you analyze your display campaigns in respect of the rest of the world’s campaigns. You can check out and compare your click through rates, interaction rate, interaction time, video completion, expansion rates etc based on geographic location, advertisement size, its format etc.

The Full Value of Mobile Calculator Google tool: This tool helps you in analyzing the traffic that mobile drives for your big business either in the form of calls or applications, mobile websites, cross devices and in store. The 30 minutes step by step wizard helps in extracting full value of the money spent.

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Our Mobile Planet Tool by Google: The revolution of Smartphones has not left any part of the world untouched and has entirely changed the way of marketing. Now marketers are more interested in doing business digitally revealing presentations in a custom tailored fashion in respect of global mobile consumers.

Google Small Business Community: The group is the innovation of Google + Your Business. It helps your small business to touch miracle heights through web. The questions answered by the experts and the hangouts by the leading professionals and industry experts have helped small business communities in getting great exposure along with business growth.

Google Apps for work tool: This is one of the perfect tools for organizing your business in the form of email, online storage, video meetings and shared calendars by providing 24×7 support and the freedom to work from anywhere. This tool is supported with business security and manages the company’s devices very well. It facilitates powerful search enabled with spam protection and cloud storage too.

So, go ahead and avail the facilities offered by these powerful Google tools and change your business for positive outcomes. Digging out these tools for a while will definitely bring a revolutionary transformation in your business.

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