Plantronics CS510 Wireless Headset

The Plantronics CS510 Wireless Headset is a better communication device than its predecessor Plantronics CS351N. With its new streamlined design and improved performance, it has taken the world of wireless communication by storm. You can now multitask and converse with up to 350 feet from the docking port. You no longer have to worry about the connections breaking since this headset offers a crystal clear connection within that range. You will hear every word as clear as it would be, if someone was speaking directly to you. This is how great the Plantronics CS510 Wireless Headset is!

Plantronics CS510 Wireless Headset

Product Specification

The Plantronics CS510 Wireless Headset is a revolutionary communication technology product due to several reasons. Not only do you get different docking ports, but also the independent volume and mute keys at your fingertips.

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You get crystal clear conversations with the wideband mode. This mode is especially for the times when there is a lot of noise. It reduces noise and makes the conversations audible. You also get noise cancelling microphone filters which also help in keeping the conversations audible.

You get up to 9 hours of talk time once you charge the headphone fully. This is a long time and not many headphones offer such a colossal amount of talk time on a single charge.

Digital signal processing feature offers clearer communication signals which in return make the conversations really easy and simple. The SoundGuard technology protects against the frequent audio spikes. You get the auto answer option by just removing the headset from the dock and keeping it there. This helps save time and will defiantly help you to multi-task.

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These factors make the Plantronics CS510 Wireless Headset a serious contender in the wireless headphone market.

Special Features

If you buy a new headset you can just register it by docking it on a previous set. And, simply connect a new headset to the entire system! Video dedicated DECT cancels Wi-Fi interruption. This leads to the clearer connections even in the Wi-Fi zone. The adaptive power system optimizes the range and talk time. This help in multi-tasking as you get an extended range. You can hold conferences with three other addition CS500 headphones. This makes conference calls really easy. The Plantronics CS510 Wireless Headset is designed with the over the head Monural design which makes it really comfortable to wear over long periods of time.

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If you wish to use a headset which will help you multi-task yet simultaneously offer exceptional comfort then try the Plantronics CS510 Wireless Headset. It boasts of all the necessary features which make it a great headphone starting from exceptional reception to long range connectivity. It also looks great and these reasons make it a must buy for anyone looking to incorporate a close connection system in their office or workplace.