The Various Updated Applications In New Apple iOS 8

Just updated Apple iOS version 8 was most awaited iOS till date. Apple fans were really excited to see the new changes and experience the new interface. But After the release of iOS 8, lots of Apple fans were disappointed.


In general, the phone application in iOS 8 remained unchanged, but Apple realized the error using tiny round photos subscribers in the upper corner of the screen. The company’s designers decided to meet and do not try to prove that in Cupertino have better knowledge about the needs of the owners of iPhone. Whatever it was, when you call pictures are now displayed on the entire screen and great news for users.


Now, in “Notes”, you can add a photo from your library. Very comfortable, finally!

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The Various Updated Applications In New Apple iOS 8


“Music” has not received a sufficient number of changes, except that the font names became more bold.


Most changes are minor configuration section, but in general they increase the usability of mobile devices. To enhance the security adds the ability to save in the Find my phone last location at critically low battery. In the settings iCloud appeared family access when you can combine up to six devices with different user accounts to use a credit card, the exchange of purchased content or control over children shopping.

Now you can view the statistics on energy consumption by different applications. Now you can find out what the developers do not care about the battery life of our devices, or in any programs and games often a user spends time planting the battery. In addition, iOS 8 gives tips on how to prolong the life of the smartphone away from an outlet.

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The little things have changed, and other settings. For Cameras & adds support synchronization iCloud Photo Library, in Safari added possibility of quick web search and the search engine DuckDuckGo, in the settings of Touch ID is now possible to include voice control music in the locked position, and the section “Privacy” icon contains a modified active and inactive geolocation.

Universal Access

It’s hard to remember at least one major update of iOS, where Apple has not made improvements would be to use smartphones and tablets with disabilities. By the number of functions that provide special features compared with the iPhone and iPad can only flagship Samsung, and then only in the lineup in 2014.

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There was an increase in the special image “magnifying glass”, as well as grayscale, when the interface becomes monochrome. By the way the latter is not to be confused with emergency modes of energy conservation on smartphones HTC One (M8) and Samsung Galaxy S5! Even if it ceases to be a color image, the iPhone and iPad that does not help to saves the battery from the requirements to feed its electricity.

With the new improvements in in iOS 8, Apple has again proved that it is best but it has to do something bigger in next release of Apple iOS 9.