The Sony Xperia Z3: Amazing Features And Specs

The new member of Z series, Xperia Z3 is pretty interesting with its design and configuration but doesn’t look new?

Irony, Xperia Z3 is very similar in all characteristics to its predecessor, the flagship of the spring named Sony Xperia Z2. The same screen size and resolution. Processor – the most powerful droplet, but so clever devices is absolutely nothing on impact. Battery – even a little smaller than the Z2. The same weight and size of the device – close. They say, Z3 – smoother, but otherwise the differences are insignificant.

The device is solid, the battery is not replaceable just take as rear cover is non removable. There is SIM card (Nano-SIM) and memory card Micro-SD hidden behind dense plugs. Removing the tray for SIM card – something more fun.

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On the right is the power button / lock (traditionally for Sony round), volume rocker, camera button. Immediately – cap, behind which lurk Micro-SD card and SIM card. On the Left – cap that hides the connector Micro-USB, slits-eyelet strap (which, alas, is not included) and a connector for wireless charging. Above is 3.5 mm audio output and microphone for noise cancellation.

Well, in design and appearance you would not notice much difference then its predecessor.  Two audio speakers, they are located on the front side, above and below the screen.

The Sony Xperia Z3 Amazing Features And Specs

Near the top of the speaker, as usual, is located facing camera, all kinds of sensors. The main camera and flash are arranged, naturally, on the rear surface and so poorly in the corner. When take pictures constantly and accidentally you can cover the lens with your finger.

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Which is very nice, smart waterproof (IP65 and IP68). Theoretically, it is possible not only to wet under rain, but even dive with them to a depth of five feet (though only in fresh water). Provided that you do not forget tightly all-all-all caps (for otherwise – goodbye guarantee!)

Smartphone weighs 152 grams, official size – 146 x 72 x 7.3 mm. It is a slim and light smartphone in its range but not the fastest. Xperia Z3 is powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset 801 8974AC, 4 core Krait 400 with a frequency of operation up to 2.5 GHz, Adreno 330 graphics accelerator.

Come with 3 GB RAM but at least 1 GB with a tail constantly busy with system. Built-in flash memory – 16 GB, of which slightly more than 4 GB of system employed. The rest – it is free and available for use, with entirely, without division into system and user area.

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There is support for memory card Micro-SD volume up to 128 GB. In addition to the traditional set of accelerometer, gyroscope and compass, there is also a barometer. But the thermometer and unfortunately are not present. Just as there is no infrared port. Light sensor and proximity sensor, of course, also on the spot.

The new Sony smartphone is good but not revolutionary; let’s see if Sony engineers will manage to bring something revolutionary with the launch of Sony Xperia Z5.