The 3 Types Of Maintenance Services

Ever experienced a broken sink or overflowing toilet? Maybe you needed to hang up some curtains or a shelf. All of us at one point or another requested for maintenance or handyman service but most of us request for the wrong one. Follow this guide for the next time you will need maintenance service to save some cash and get the right person for the job!

There are 3 Types of Maintenance:

1. Reactive Maintenance:

You request this maintenance when everything just falls apart. When your sink falls over, or when your AC decides to turn into a heater. You need to call the maintenance service provider and tell them you need reactive maintenance.

This will tell the handyman company that:

a. you have an emergency on your hands, penciling you in for a visit within the day.

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b. and that he will need to bring special equipment and replacement parts.

You have to understand that most of the time your repair man will come with a simple bag of tools and then will evaluate the situation and go back if the damage is extensive. Thus knowing the maintenance problem terms saves you a lot of time, money, and additional problems.

The 3 Types Of Maintenance Services

2. Preventive Maintenance:

You will need this maintenance when for example your air conditioner is leaking or your sink is not draining water as fast as before. As the name states its preventative maintenance, meaning you catch the problem on time and call the professional before the situation gets worse. This maintenance is cheaper than reactive maintenance and will require less man power. The down side is, you are not a priority so your maintenance company will pencil you in on the next available date that is not set for reactive maintenance services.

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3. Reliability Centered Maintenance:

This maintenance is usually undertaken in a company and not for individual homeowners. RCM separates the equipment on the level of importance and decides which machinery is okay to run until reactive maintenance and which to run and conduct regular preventative maintenance. A good balance is struck in order to save company money. If you are a business owner, you should invest in running RCM programme in order to prevent later surprises and unnecessary costs.

It’s obvious that preventive maintenance is the best, however you don’t always get to have the option. When all things go wrong it’s always useful to know what you need to get done. However simply stating what maintenance you need is half the trick; you will also need to specify the details of the chaos that is going down in your house or place of business. This assures the maintenance provider that you are not lying about the trouble you are facing and allows them to adjust to the maintenance you need. Remember through your description of the service they bring the right tools and parts, so don’t lie, be straight with them and use key terms to get the best service fast.

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