Spa Programs For Mom

Since the birth of the child, starts a whole new phase in a woman’s life where she is another social role, a new responsibility for the newly born defenseless creature, great exercise and a completely new experience.

Understand the psychology and physiological aspects of the new state not nearly as important as understanding what happens to a woman during pregnancy.

Childbirth itself is a great test for women. At this point, it loses a lot of energy and micronutrients. This gives rise to a feeling of complete devastation, fatigue; a woman feels weakness, depression and relax something just once have a baby. It requires maximum attention of the mother, her love, caring, smiling. And, of course, it needs to mother’s milk. The greater supply of trace elements in the body of the mother, the easier and painless pass this period of first weeks after birth.

Many spas have special programs for young mothers that can be performed within a few weeks after birth. First of all, these programs are aimed at restoring the stock of trace elements in the body of a young mother, which are so necessary for feeding her baby to restore skin elasticity, to restore the hair and nails, and just for good cheerful mood.

Back massage and neck area is an integral part of these programs. After all, the spine was exposed to heavy loads during pregnancy. Childbirth also had some influence on his condition, and now feeding the baby, which often takes place in the sitting position and lasts long enough of all this can not affect the state of the muscles of the back, neck and spine area.

Thus, relaxing and sometimes therapeutic massage for a young mother is simply necessary. While the spine and back muscles in such poor condition other aesthetic procedures will not be effective.

Starting from two months after birth, you can gradually connect treatments designed to work with cellulite and restore skin elasticity and can be very useful suit Alginate plasticizing masks and modeling massage for weight loss. If a woman is breastfeeding, to the selection of cosmetics should be treated very carefully. No aggressive substances physiotherapy and painful massage techniques.

As well as for pregnant women nursing mothers is important peace, comfort, a chance to relax, and get not only an aesthetic effect, but also a lot of positive emotions.

Properly built body care for nursing mothers will only serve to enhance lactation, and in no case that will not reduce milk production.

If you have stretch marks, they need to start working as soon as possible. Young stretching can be almost completely removed using preparations containing marine elastin and minerals.

Algae – our first assistants in this difficult work and most importantly, they are completely natural and safe.

Specialized care for the bust with the use of special techniques of breast massage can help avoid stagnation in the mammary glands, increase the elasticity of the breast skin and strengthen the muscular frame, which means that the breast recover quickly after feeding. We suggest Nail salon in Manhattan NY and Cheap Manicures in Manhattan NY for more details.