Xiaomi Mi 5 Releasing Mid-2015: Specs & Features

Xiaomi is a Chinese Smartphone brand and has made consumers realized how they can get value for their money. The company has launched some high end Smartphone and it is the first time that the Indian consumers which are brand conscious didn’t mind to give Chinese devices a spin. It is being rumored that the company is working on the next giant in the Mi series. The Xiaomi Mi5 is expected to be launched in the month of March in 2015 and will also be packed with loads of high-end features.

It is rumored that the Smartphone will have 5.5 inch screen (1080×1920 pixels) there will be state of the art features like 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, 3G and NFC. The Smartphone will have dual SIM variant. The most powerful feature of the phone is going to be snapdragon 810 octa core processor and it is paired with 3GB RAM and sixteen GB memory. It is also being rumored that the phone will have twenty megapixel snapper and an eight megapixel secondary camera.

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Xiaomi Mi 5 Releasing Mid-2015

Rumored Features

  • 5.5 inch HD( 1280×720 megapixel camera)
  • 5.0 lollipop android
  • Eight mega pixel camera front facing
  • Twenty mega pixel rear camera with auto focus feature  LED flash
  • Dual SIM , 3G HSPA+, 4G LTE
  • 3,500mAh battery
  • NFC
  • Battery stamina mode
  • Mi cloud
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Sony CMOS sensor

The company is also known as the apple of china and they are planning to take huge brands like Samsung and apple. They are soon going to launch their next flagship. The Smartphone is going to have some best features that will sell this Smartphone hand in hand. It is powered with all the extremely high tech features.

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Release Date

The release date of the Smartphone is not announced yet but it is expected to be launched in 2015. It is expected that the Chinese company will launch its next flagship in the mid of the 2015. Because of the high end features that are being rumored all over the internet, the excitement level is also increasing among the users.

Evolution in the Smartphone Industry

To survive in the Smartphone industry it is important for the Smartphone companies to have a phone that can impress the consumers. It is important that the companies improve their products and come up with more and more aggressive features so that they can beat the others. Xiaomi flag is swinging high in the sky because of its Smartphone.

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Price of the Xiaomi Mi5 Phone

The price range of the Smartphone is going to be affordable if we see the previous price tags of the Smartphone launched by Xiaomi. The Smartphone Xiaomi Mi5 will be available in metallic grey and there are other features like fingerprint sensor and heart rate. According to the high end features people might be assuming to have a high price tag but we can also accept it to be reasonable because company knows how to capture the attention of the consumers.