Acid Reflux Was Devastating Me! Then A NutriO2 Review Offered A Solution

Do you guys suffer from acid reflux? You might even know it as GERD, but regardless of what it is called, the symptoms can have a devastating impact on a person.

I’m James and this is my story.

Do you ever wake up in the morning and the first thing you think about is throwing up? Well, maybe after a night out, but not on a normal day. The problem for me was that this happened every day and I was actually being sick every morning. It went on for months until I finally went to my doctor. He prescribed me some tablets and sent me on my way. I tried to change my diet as well and this combined with the pills did have a small effect on the amount of acid my stomach produced.

I still wasn’t happy though. I was still feeling sick in the morning and the whole ordeal was having a horrendous effect on my life.

That was until I found NutriO2 by Kevin Richardson. It claimed to be able to treat and cure a whole range of different ailments and acid reflux was just one of them. I had tried so many things to this point that I figured ‘what the hell?’ why not try one more. It comes as a solution where you put some drops into a glass of water and drink it and you do this several times throughout the day. I should point out that I am perfectly healthy beyond the acid reflux hence why it was getting to me so much.

For the first few days my stomach felt a bit stranger than normal. I figured that this was just a side effect of the NutriO2 and by the third day this feeling had gone completely as had my acid reflux! I wasn’t getting up in the morning and throwing up anymore and I didn’t gag throughout the day from the extra acid being produced. The oxygen that this solution puts into my system had cured me of acid reflux!

I’m not even sure about all the technical details of the solution other than it adds to your normal oxygen intake, is perfectly safe to use and has no side effects aside from my stomach feeling a bit more tender than usual for a couple of days – this might not have even been NutriO2. If I haven’t found that NutriO2 review online and read about its benefits, then I would probably still be sitting here and suffering from acid reflux today.

So I’ll sign off on this. If you have acid reflux or GERD and find that it is taking over your life, then I would highly recommend that you try NutriO2. It really helped alleviate my symptoms and not only am I free of acid reflux, but I feel much better and healthier as a person these days both mentally and physically as well. I recommend you experience the benefits I have.