Properly Configure 42U Server Rack

If you are looking to install a large server network into your business setting, you need to know what to do with a 42u server rack. This size of a rack is rather large, so it is not something you are just going to set up for a small business.

Additionally, when you use a 42u server rack cabinet you are generally not going to use just one but instead multiple cabinets. Due to this, you need to know how it is able to help you out and what you need in order to best take advantage of the configurations of the equipment.


With the 42u server rack, you generally are going to use a very specific cooling system. These kinds of server racks are generally going to have solid framework and exposed rear sections and front doors in order to allow the heat to move away from the networking equipment. However, your building needs to help the hardware along in order to make sure it cools completely and does not overheat.

To do this, the flooring is typically slightly elevated where the server racks are positioned. There is a line of one row of 42u server racks with the rear pointing towards the middle of the room and another row of server racks, with the rear pointing as well towards the middle of the room. The two racks are parallel to one another with a glass door placed in between the two racks.

A glass ceiling is also installed between the racks, with cooling vents positioned in the flooring of this clear space between the rack rows. The cooling air is going to move up from the floor and move against the rear of the racks, forcing the heat out of the racks at the front.


In terms of how much hardware you are able to fit into one 42u server rack, it really comes down to the actual size and height of the equipment. For starters, if you want to use one rather common blade from a major manufacturer, it is usually going to be 10u in size. This means you are able to fit four of the blades into the server rack and have two spaces left.

On the other hand, there are some blades that are only going to be 6u in size. If this is the case, you are able to fit up to seven blades into the server rack without any additional spaces in between. It really comes down to what sort of blades you are looking to fit into the server rack and how much networking space you are going to require.


A server is measured in “U’s”, which is short for unit. Each unit is 1.75 inches in height. So, in order to determine how many of a particular blade you are able to fit, you need to divide a 42u server rack by the size of the blade itself. This is the only way you are able determine how much you are going to fit into your new 42u server rack.

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