Rule The Road With Better Performing Engines

Cars have always gone through modifications. Whether it is the latest or a new car, each and every day engineers use their brain and find out numerous ways of modifications.  Engine has always been in the limelight, when it comes to modification. As this is the heart of the car, so constant modifications are made to gain popularity.

Speed of the car is decided by the performance of the engine. A good engine will always help to gain performance on the road. The car is known for its engine as it is the core part of it. Recent modifications are also made by the engineering to perform well and rule the road.

Before jumping directly to the modifications, it is very essential to know about the parts of an engine that plays a major role in the working of the engine.

Parts of the Engine:

  • Cylinders: These are also known as ‘Cooking Pots’ of the engine. Number of cylinders tend to vary depending upon car brands.
  • Pistons: These are attached to the cylinders that move up and down. The faster it slides up and down, the more speed the car gains.
  • Valves: Cylinders are sealed with valves that are of two types. Inlet Valve permits the fuel and the air to go inside the cylinder and from the outlet valves, the gases goes out.
  • Spark Plug: This is a device that helps to fire up the fuel with its spark. These plugs are located at the top cylinder.

Aspects That Enhance the Car Performance

Reduced Weight:

Everyone is aware of the fact that a light weight thing moves faster than a heavy weight one. By applying this simple physics in the engine parts, they modified the engines. Although there is no need of using a high-end technology in it, still this method proves to be the best.

Apart from engines, installing light weight car parts is also a good solution to get a better performance. Exchanging the seats with the light weight ones can help to make the car run smooth on roads. When it comes to using a light weight brake, then disc brakes prove to be the best choice.

Cold Air Intake:

Engine being the heart of the car, controls most car parts. Too much heated up engine can result in sudden breakdown. To stay away from such situations, cooling system is a must for engines. A cold air intake, when added in the engine, ensures proper performance on the road. This helps to maintain an ideal temperature inside it by cooling down the hot air. Installing this in cars ensures energy efficiency.


Superchargers help the engine to perform better. It pressurizes more intake of air to provide with more air inside the engines; this helps to generate more power. When mechanically powered, it produces more spins that in turn forces more air inside the chamber. The whole process enhances combustion by providing large space for fuel.

Air Filters:

This is another important part that ensures the performance of the engine. This helps in efficiently using fuel and hence makes it an energy efficient car. These materials are manufactured with numerous layers of cotton that helps in trapping impurities and maintains the performance of the engine.

Modifications are made regularly as it not only results in enhancing the car performance, but also increases its efficiency.

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