How to Set up A Facebook Page for Business?

Having a Facebook page for your business is not merely a good idea; it has become a necessity for every business’s marketing. It gets your business projected to a large user base effortlessly. However, frequent updates in Facebook’s user interface often make it confusing for beginners. This article will help you get your brand’s timeline up and running.

Read and follow the steps given below to get your business on Facebook today.

Select a Classification

Open the URL given below to start the process of creating your Facebook page:

Once you open this link you will be asked to choose between: :

  • Local Business or Place
  • Company, Organization or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

Choosing an appropriate classification for your page will help your page show up in relevant searches. Once you have selected a classification, choose the category you are in and enter your business name. The name and category for your page cannot be changed later, so choose wisely.

Enter Basic Information

You will be asked to enter some basic information about your business next. In the ‘About’ section add a brief description of your company. This description will appear on your main page as its first impression, so select the words carefully. Make sure the description is unique and can make your page appealing for users. Include a link to your company website.

Now you have to upload a Profile Picture for your page. This picture will show as a thumbnail on the website every time you post. Choose a picture related to your business. It can be your company logo or any other picture which describes your company effectively.

Use Your Page’s Admin Panel

Your admin panel helps you manage your business page through various features and options for monitoring your page.

The admin panel allows you to edit your page by updating the basic information, entering a description, managing roles of page administrators, managing notifications and adding page permissions.

Add Content

Now that you have created your page and added details of your business you need to build content on your page to attract audience for your page. This content includes adding a horizontal image called a Cover Photo to your page. This image can also help you attract audience so choose an appealing image, possibly with a bit of text describing what your business is all about.

You can also add Custom Tabs on your page. There is no limit on the number of tabs you can add to your page; but only four tabs can appear on the page and rest of the tabs need to be accessed through clicking on an arrow on the right of all displayed tabs.

Add interesting content including images, videos, events and content in addition to the regular status updates on your timeline. You must also monitor user interaction on this content and interact with them to build customer engagement. Actively communicating with users is the best way to build audience interest in your business.

Analyze Your Efforts

Once your page is up and running you need to analyze how helpful your marketing decisions on Facebook are. The View Insights option will help you monitor each engagement and maneuver your marketing strategy accordingly. You can also Buy Facebook Fans for your page which will help you build an audience quickly.

Now that you have a fully functional fan page for your business, post interesting stuff and gather a loyal fan base!