How Do Pharmacy Discount Cards Work?

Pharmacy discount cards are still an unknown concept to many Americans. We have all become accustomed to the fact that nothing is ever really free. Anything that is offered will come with a catch. Whether it is your identification for marketing, or a limited offer that will cost you a subscription in the long run. So when information such as a pharmacy discount card comes to your attention, many people immediately brush it off without a second thought. Unfortunately, this brush off is costing Americans thousands of dollars that they did not need to spend. The pharmacy discount card is one of those free items that truly are offered with no charge, catch or gimmick.

Discount Card?

A pharmacy discount card is a card that allows you to receive prescription medications at a discounted rate. It is not part of an insurance or membership program. There are no groups to collect information from those that want to use it. In fact, all a user has to do is to go the website where they can immediately print off their own pre-activated card without inputting any personal information. There are no minimum or maximum purchase requirements and no papers to fill out for reimbursements. The savings are given to you at the time that you purchase your medications.

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How Do Pharmacy Discount Cards Work

So, How does it Work?

Once you print off your pre-activated card. You can immediately use it at your local pharmacy. You simply need to show your pharmacist your card when you purchase your medications. Discounted rates have been pre-negotiated with the pharmacies so there is no waiting or documenting to be done. You simply purchase your medications at your discounted rate.

If you do not have a regular pharmacy that you prefer to use, there is an online tool available that allows you to search for the best rate for the medication that you require. This tool returns a real-time search on pharmacies in your area and what they would charge for your medication. You can then go directly to that pharmacist to pick up your prescription medication.

Where can I use it?

Discounted rates for prescription medications have been negotiated with over 63,000 pharmacies nationwide. In other words, all major pharmacies are part of this program. This is not a program that only works with small sized pharmacies. Your pharmacy discount card works with large pharmacy chains such as CVS Pharmacy and Target. With many available in the area you currently work or live in, you are assured that you will have access to reduced medication rates with your pharmacy discount card.

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Do I Need to Meet any Special Qualifications?

Anybody who purchases prescription medications can own one of these cards. In fact, anybody who even thinks they may need prescription medications in the future can print off a card for future use. As no information is required to print it, there are no qualifying obstacles to overcome. This card is free to whomever would like to own one. If you currently have a personal medical insurance plan, you are not excluded. This card works independently of insurance plans. Having the pharmacy discount card gives you additional options for your medication purchase.

Use it to compare rates in order to obtain the best deal. Different insurance companies offer different medication coverages and different medications may have different rules to accompany them. The next time you are required to purchase prescription medication, simply price compare the cost to you through your insurance program and the cost through the pharmacy discount card. Then purchase your medication at the best rate available to you. While the card has no limitations or stipulations, your personal insurance company may. Talk to them about rules of purchasing medications outside of your plan to avoid any complications.

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The pharmacy discount card is a way for Americans to receive substantial discounts on their medications. This can be medications they are currently taking or any new prescriptions that they require. This card is not a membership or insurance program, it is truly free to those that can use it. Over 2 million members nationwide are using this card to save up to 80% off of the cost of their prescriptions. This is money that they are able to put back into their pockets. All it takes is a visit to the website and a few moments to print of your own card.

This article was written by James Sosa, a healthcare writer, who believes that a Prescription Discount Card offers a win-win situation for both customers and pharmacies.