Uses Of Nitrogen Oxide Gases

Nitrogen oxide commonly known as laughing gas is being anti oxide of nitrogen. In its physical properties it may be seen as a colorless, non flammable gas at room temperature. It has anesthetic effects for which it can be used in surgery of patient for losing his sensation.

It is counted among one of the green house gases and also an air pollutant. Nitrogen oxide can be used for many purposes including as an oxidizer in rockets motors, in vehicles as a internal combustion mixture, as an aerosol propellant, as medicines for its anesthetic effects and for recreational uses.

In rockets as an oxidizer it can works as it is quite stable and easy to store. Also it is non toxic in comparison to other gases. These all things make it very safe to use at flight. It can further be transformed into breathing air. At low temperature it has very high density and low storage pressure.

It provides very powerful combustion in vehicle as by providing more oxygen than air. It’s most popular use is as food addictive in form of whipped cream canisters, in packaging of food products like snacks with air tight packs and in cooking sprays.

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Uses Of Nitrogen Oxide Gases

Its use in whipped cream is due to its nature of its solubility in fat compounds. With fatty cream it gets dissolved and becomes gaseous to generate the foam. It processes the whipped cream out of liquid approx four times higher. In comparison to this whipped air into the cream is generated only double the volume.

Any other gas in place of nitrogen oxide cannot be used because of their properties. If air is used as propellant then oxygen may do the acidification of buffer fat. In case if we use carbon dioxide for whipped cream then it may create trouble due its acidic nature in water. The resultant cream may be curdled in quite undesired form of no use.

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However there is one disadvantage of using nitrogen oxide for making whipped cream is that it is unsuitable for decoration of food which is not to be served immediately within half an hour because the whipped cream generated with nitrogen oxide has tendency to return into liquid form with in short period of half an hour to one hour and quite unstable.

Use of nitrogen oxide in whipped cream charger is most popular. Whipped cream chargers are certain kind of steel cylinders filled with nitrogen oxide gas. Along with the nitrogen oxide gas it also contains some kind of foam dispensers which works as whipping agents.

When whipped cream get mixed with foam dispensers then nitrogen oxide gas present may produce with its high pressure and get dispersed over whole cream to produce extremely light and wonderful whipped cream with which any of the food beverages including all types of cake and desserts can be made thrilling and attractive.

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Whipped cream charger is one of the important tools of a chef and several bakers as it add starts to their food products and their decoration. These are able to generate whipped cream within very short span of time with little efforts. Also with a quality cream charger we may get whipped cream produced two to six times of the original volume of whipped cream. We may see their wide use in bakeries, coffee shops and restaurants as well.

Nitrogen oxide can also be used in inhaling Nos canisters as their sale as dispenser of propelling whipped cream is legally allowed. Usually the young people buy these propellants, empty the nitrogen oxide gas inside it into a balloon and use it for inhaling. Its use for inhaling is warned for its dangerous effect it may cause to lungs and even death may occur of a person due to lack of oxygen.