Top 5 Considerations When Purchasing New Server Racks

Choosing the right server rack makes a big difference in both the convenience factor of the equipment as well as its longevity. A server rack is a necessity when more than one server is in use or when there is the possibility of expanding beyond a single server at some point. There are a number of different considerations to think about when choosing the right enclosure for servers.

1. Location

The type and size of the server rack will depend considerably on the number of servers as well as the size of the room where they are located.  With some server racks weighing several hundred pounds and measuring as tall as seven feet with a wide base, fitting these models into small rooms could be a challenge. Before choosing a rack, consider both long and short terms needs that might result in server racks needing to be moved as well as the dimensions of the room.

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2. Convenience

Server racks are designed to allow easy access to the servers should the need arise. A fixed rack shelf ensures that all the servers are positioned in the optimal space apart. This helps reduce crowding and overheating while also promoting ample air circulation.

When it comes time to move a server due to maintenance or replacement, though, IT personnel might find that a sliding shelf rack meets their need for convenience more easily. Being able to slide a particular server rack out to make adjustments means much less time maneuvering in a space that is already tight. The sliding rack shelf is also more convenient for workers who need to shuffle around in that space.

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Top 5 Considerations When Purchasing New Server Racks

3. Aesthetics

While beauty might not be the first consideration when choosing a server rack, there is no doubt that looks are important. This is most crucial when the server rack is in an area that might be viewed by potential clients of the company or its investors. Today’s server racks combine sleek good looks in a variety of different finishes and styles. Features such as vented backs help keep servers at the right temperature while adding to their professional look. Cabinets are a great way to enclose the actual servers for a more aesthetically pleasing environment.

4. Custom Racks Vs Universal Racks

Just as there are different size specifications for servers themselves so are there different specifications for server racks. While there are racks designed for a specific brand of server, there are also ones that are more universal in nature. If a mix of different server brands is used and space is at a premium, choosing a server rack with adjustable shelves will accommodate servers of different sizes. This can eliminate the need for multiple server racks.

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5. Utilize Power Technology

Servers use a great deal of power so any rack that is chosen to house them should be able to deliver the current necessary to ensure smooth and reliable service. Specially designed power strips that mount to the rack itself distribute power and deliver it evenly among all servers. Intelligent power strips are the latest technological advance and enable many troubleshooting tasks to be completed off-site, a valuable tool designed to ensure seamless server performance.

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