Tips To Plan For Extension Of Your Home 

Recent times have seen that there are very few people who are taking the option of buying new houses or investing in new structures. With the ever increasing need for space, you have most of them opting for extension, with the required renovations.  This brings into the picture the rising need of extension builders, who are able to design and construct extensions which fulfill your requirement for space, besides saving on a lot of money. Staying in the same neighborhood is a comfort zone few people would not like to trade.

Tips To Plan For Extension Of Your Home


Here are tips as to what should be taken into consideration before you start the extension of your home.

1. Planning and Design

Keeping in mind the look of your existing home, you should first get an idea of what you are looking for, where the extension is concerned. Matching the features which are important, like the roof, does make a whole lot of difference to the design of the extension. Using materials similar to the existing home gives a look of continuity and does not look awkward.

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2. Neighbours

Keep your neighbours involved to a certain degree, so that there are no hitches or complaints once the building process starts. If they seem to have any misgivings about the extension, this can be taken into consideration in the initial stages of planning. Compromising at this stage with the neighboursleaves you with a friendly neighbourhood.

3. Architect

Tips To Plan For Extension Of Your Home

Taking advice from a qualified architect/extension builders will help you with using the space available in the best possible manner, besides which, they are also able to help in acquiring permission which might be required before this extension being built.

4. Permission

Get the permission from the council. This planning permission is a must as it controls the way towns, cities and neighborhood is developed. This process can take a little time as the council, after receiving your plans, places them for public viewing and also notifies the neighborhood. If permission is denied due to any plans not meeting any specifications, then with the necessary amendments made, it needs to be resubmitted.

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5. Regulations

Looking out for a builder of good reputation will, further, assist you in making sure you comply with the building regulations, which are made, keeping safety and health in perspective. A builder is able to guide in all the inspections carried out and also see that the performance and construction standards are met.

6. Supplies and Labor

Avoiding builders who might charge you less but compromise on the quality of material and labor used is definitely sensible and wise. As work done haphazardly will tend to be costlier in the long run. Looking out for extension builders with experience and a knowledge of the regulations to be followed, goes a long way in giving you peace, leaving you without any tensions which might crop up in the future.

7. Right Builder

After talking to a few contractors and getting the right quote for your extension, you can proceed further and find out the reputation of the builder along with the experience. Discussing the materials you wish to use for your extension with the builder might get you discounted supplies as there are many in this field who know how to go about it.

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8. Budget

Planning a budget is equally important as planning the extension of your house. Being realistic in what you wish to achieve, you do not need to stretch yourself where the finance is concerned. Planning to have some funds kept aside in case of emergency leaves you comfortable. Including the fees for the Building Regulations and the planning permission, you do not have to face expenditure which is not thought of. Finally, keeping a small amount for decorating the extension, you will be free to enjoy this to the utmost.

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