Travel Safely: Driving In Australia

Driving in Australia

Most driving rules are the same no matter where you go in the world, however there are a number of differences you will have to look out for. For example, in Australia, you have to remember to drive on the left, otherwise you will not get far.

This is a serious issue, as many foreigners forget it and begin driving on the right. It is important to have someone in the car so that they can remind you of the rules used in Australia. Remember to also drive closer to the center of the road in order to avoid oncoming traffic in time.

Although, most cars that can be found in Australia already have every equipment and the steering wheel set on the right side, which should be a fair warning that you should not drive on the right side of the road.

Strict Seatbelt Rules

Australia is one of the rare countries which stick to the rules about seatbelts mercilessly. Moreover, they also tend to the rules governing how children should be seated and harnessed in a car. The penalties for not having seatbelts is not only getting negative points on your international driver’s license, but also paying a hefty price that can be pretty steep.

It is best to always use seatbelts, after all, they are intended to save lives, and you can never know what will happen.

No Alcohol or Drugs

The Australian rules are also very strict about alcohol or drug abuse while driving, something that every driving school in Sydney will tell all of their young learners. But be careful as driving under the influence is considered a criminal act and you will be charged and your driving license will be suspended depending on how much badly you were influenced.

Strict Cell Phone Rules

Australia is also strict about the usage of cell phones on the road. Moreover, the rule applies to even stationary but not parked vehicles as well, so you should not use your phone while waiting for the traffic light to change. You will be heftily fined and your international driver’s license will be also penalized with negative points when you get caught.

Not only that, but consider how many accidents happen due to someone using a cell phone. Try to be responsible and respect the rules of Australia.

A Helping Hand During an Accident

It is important to remember that all drivers in Australia are legally obliged to stop and provide any assistance possible to anyone in an accident. So it is not only to call the Australian emergency number 000, but you also have to stop and help if you can.

On the other hand, if you fail to fulfill you duties and you do not stop to help, you will charged for severe penalties, and besides paying a hefty fine you will probably go to jail as well. Instead of just driving by, always stop and help out if you can, it can save someone’s life.