How To Fulfil Your Dream Of Starting A New Business?

Owning a business enterprise is a dream of many people, but there are not many people who have worked hard to make their dream come true like Sukanto Tanoto. The plan which I am going to tell you, will define you the steps you need to make in order to achieve success in your business goals. You may have seen that many businesses fail for the lack of planning and resources. Here are a few steps to consider before you are going to start your business.

Before the starting of a business it is imperative on your part to get a business plan. In this plan you will define the nature of your business, managing the structure, marketing strategies and the audience you will target. And at last, but not the least your budget. The budget also plays a significant role and it also matters a lot how you will maintain the cash flow within the first three months of starting your new business. With every business goals and strategies are different that is why you have to plan in advance like Sukanto Tanoto did. Conduct a dedicated amount of market research to achieve success in a short span of time.


Although you have enough knowledge, but even then you can get some training from the Small Business Association. They are arranging free training seminars you can attend and benefit from  these seminars. They will tell you a lot about the accounting and bookkeeping. This will facilitate in maintaining your company records. This training will also give you a better understanding about the financial system of the business and how to keep it going? What you document in your business now, will play an important role in the near future that is why it is also essential to keep accurate records. This training also enables you to keep records for future references.


In case you need a physical storefront, you have to consider several things about the it. You need to know whether this area is safe from the burglar’s activities. In case it is prone for these activities then you can install security gadgets to safeguard your place. You are supposed to know about the traffic flow in that particular area. Whether you will take this case on rent or you will purchase this commercial property. In case you will purchase this property then you have to add it in your budget and if you wish to take it on rent then read all the points of rental agreement.

Obtain the License

Obtaining the proper license from the concerned agency is essential before marketing your products. You must get the tax identification number and register your company to pay for the taxes before starting your business activities.


When you are starting a new venture definitely you will need a staff for the proper running of the company. If you hire experienced professionals for your company then you have to pay a little extra, but the outcome will be wonderful. And in case you hire inexperienced staff then you have to train them for all the procedures, which a business house performance on a daily basis. The ball is in your court and you have to decide whether you need to hire experienced professionals or inexperienced.