Energy Efficient Windows – The Eco Friendly Option To Normal Windows

Windows which conserve energy benefit the user as the energy bill gets reduced by about 40%. If you want to bring your energy bill under control, you should think of replacing your regular windows with energy efficient windows. It is easy to shift to this eco friendly option. They have a very small carbon footprint so they do not cause long term damage to the environment. You can look up the window installers in your locality on the internet and ask for energy efficient windows. You can compare the costs and the terms and conditions offered by different window installers. After you have decided from where to buy them, you can place the order. They can be installed within 15-20 days.

You should know the features and benefits of energy efficient windows before considering them for your home. If you have detailed knowledge of these windows, only then can you assess the different products available in the market.

Normal windows lose energy due to conductivity. Energy efficient windows have a double layer of glass which has either air or gases like argon and krypton within it. This provides insulation as these gases do not conduct energy. So, it is conserved. Even if there is no gas within the two layers, there are pane separators which keep the space intact so that there is sufficient insulation.

Tempered glass is used in the energy efficient windows. It reduces the loss of energy by preserving it within the layers of glass. The glass is totally transparent and so, allows natural light to pass through easily.

In an area with warm climate, solar energy should be reflected rather than absorbed. The interiors need to be cool because it is generally very hot outside. Energy efficient glasses reflect the heat of the sun, keeping the absorption to a minimum. This keeps the climate cool. The most energy efficient glass has a layer of metal oxide on one of the panes which make up the window. This makes the glass reflective, which makes it trap the heat in winter so that the room is warm. These windows reduce the heating costs in winter as well as the cooling costs in summer.

It is also important to pay attention to the frame of the energy efficient window which you are buying. If the frame is made of vinyl, it will save energy efficiently as vinyl has low conduction. They are durable and also low maintenance. So they give you value for your hard earned money.

Energy Efficient Windows are rated on the basis of their energy efficiency. An A or a B rating means that the window is extremely energy efficient. These are approved by the authorized energy regulatory boards. Energy labels on the windows give you genuine information about their energy efficiency. So you do not have to fall prey to the tall claims of the manufacturers; rather you can make an informed choice.

You can enhance the look of your house by installing energy efficient windows as they are available in a variety of colors and styles. Not only do they save energy, they save you a neat chunk of money too.