ATV’s and UTV’s: What’s The Difference?

ATVs and UTVs share many similarities, however they are two very distinct, very different vehicles, and they are intended to be used in entirely different ways. Sure, they both have the TVs part in their name, but what makes them so different? According to the American National Standards Institute, ATVs, or “all terrain vehicles,” are vehicles with low-pressure tires and which feature a seat that is located alongside the operator, with handlebars to control the steering. These are off-road, single-rider vehicles. There are a couple of designated uses for the ATV. The all-terrain vehicle can be used recreationally, as a racer, or a means of transportation over rough terrain.

A UTV, or utility task vehicle, is also made for use over rough terrain, however this vehicle is sometimes known as a side-by-side as well vehicle due to the fact that not one but two people can sit next to each other. Like an ATV, the UTV can be used to haul items, however the truck-like bed feature in the utility task vehicle tends to be more helpful when taking transporting things through certain terrain.

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Typically, both vehicles feature a combustion engine as well as significant suspension and aggressive tires. ATVs and UTVs also generally feature a low center of gravity. This addition to the vehicles provides added stability over rough terrain.

ATV’s and UTV’s What’s The Difference

There are also many differences between ATVs and UTVs, however, which become clear with a quick look at the rider and his or her positions: an ATV rider will straddle the vehicle on a saddle, while UTV riders can sit on side by side on bench seats or bucket seats.

Let’s say you’re getting out of town for the weekend with friends or you’re about to do some major work on your land, and you’re still a bit confused on which vehicle would best suit your needs. Have no fear, there are a few things that are designed to be done by either an ATV or UTV. According to Popular Mechanics magazine, you should use an ATV over a UTV when you’re trying to be nimble. ATVs are better equipped for making quick turns. They operate well in crowded, tight spaces such as the woods, and are great for situations that call for quickly hopping on and off the vehicle or hauling cargo loads of a smaller nature. Compared to UTVs, these vehicles can more easily be towed by truck to a riding venue. Another situation that you should choose an ATV over a UTV is when you’re on a budget. ATVs tend to be several thousands of dollars cheaper than UTVs.

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What about situations when you should choose a UTV over an ATV? UTVs are best when you have a lot to haul. Although some ATVs provide storage for the vehicle, UTVs almost always have a rear platform big enough to bring things like heavy equipment, logs or metal back to a worksite. UTVs are also best when you are performing specialized work. There are a lot of additions and accessories that allow for UTVs to be tailored to a specific job or workload. On the same note, UTVs and their ability to be customized are perfect if you’re looking to just show off. Lighting, stereo-systems, heaters, you name it and a UTV can be customized to have it.

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There are a lot of options and a lot of opportunities for both work and play on these innovative, adrenaline-pumping vehicles. Whether you’re thinking about purchasing an ATV for fun with friends or a UTV for some work you’ve been meaning to get done on your property, Yacht Club Powersports in Osage Beach, Missouri has got you covered no matter what your vehicle of choice may be.