Stylish Ways To Maximize Your Face Shape

Do you ever really think about the shape of your face? For fashion-conscious folks, your face shape is important in determining how you do a lot of things. For instance, your hair style may be determined, in large part, by the way your face is shaped. Many people, however, haven’t really thought about their face shape when it comes to constructing their personal sense of style. Even so, it should be noted that one’s face shape can affect their appearance greatly, especially if they don’t utilize the shape to their advantage. There are a number beauty elements affected by face shape, and we’ll talk about a few of them below.


We already mentioned that you may want to change your hairdo based exclusively on your face shape. This is because certain hair styles are more flattering for certain face shapes. For instance, round faces might benefit from an asymmetrical look or a well-defined pixie cut. It’s certainly clear that the right haircut can make all the difference depending on your face shape. Your hair stylist should have a good idea about face shapes and how best to utilize them.

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Your face shape can also be important when you’re applying your makeup. Everything from the shape of your cheeks to the shape of your eyes can come into play when doing your makeup. It’s important to know what areas of your face to highlight based on your face shape. For instance, certain face shapes benefit from emphasizing the eyes with extensive eye shadow, while others benefit from emphasizing the lips.

Stylish Ways To Maximize Your Face Shape


Your face shape can also determine what glasses frames are good for you. There are simply glasses that work better for a wide range of different face shapes, including heart, oblong, oval, square, and round. For instance oblong faces might benefit from thick-rimmed glasses that essentially make the face seem shorter. Obviously, if you combine the right glasses with the right hair and makeup, you can achieve a look that works best for you.

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The clothing you wear can also be altered by your face shape. In fact, many stylists suggest that, before you purchase any clothes, you should understand your face shape. Body shape, of course, also plays a role in determining what clothing works best for you. Depending on your face shape, you may need clothes with different necklines. You may need to emphasize your waist or add geometric shapes to your wardrobe choices. There is an entire science behind dressing yourself to match your face shape, and it might literally take a college course to understand it fully.

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Clearly, your face shape can play a large role in your overall appearance. It’s something that can make you analyze everything about your body from head to toe. Understanding your face shape means that you can better accessorize your day-to-day style. Look for haircuts, makeup, glasses, and clothing that are all flattering to your face shape. Of course, if this all seems like too much work, then you can just stick with what’s comfortable. You’re beautiful either way.

Crystal Bell writes for numerous fashion blogs and magazines throughout the World Wide Web. She is also a local columnist for a small newspaper in Niles, Michigan.