Want To Keep Pest Birds Away? Netting Is Available At Your Rescue

Why Bird Control is Essential

Places with open ceilings with rafters and beams such as workshops or warehouses are most suitable for pest birds in search of a nesting or a roosting area. According to a study, birds like pigeons and crow always prefer to perch on high places so as to protect themselves from bad weather and predators.

Not only these birds create a lot of mess wherever they sit and nest, but their acidic droppings can erode the building finish and degrade structure over time. Moreover, their droppings have been claimed to carry more than 60 transmittable diseases.

Dried droppings can spread to more areas through wind and may infect food as well. So, their nesting can lead to many potential health hazards. Droppings if fall on any equipment, machinery or any other product can potentially damage or ruin it. So, it is inevitable for property owners to keep these birds away.

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Deter Pest Birds from Your Property

Pest birds like pigeon often fly in large flocks and thus at times it becomes difficult for the property owners or managers to get control over them. And this is when bird netting comes on the scene. Once installed successfully by the bird control professionals, netting will prevent birds from nesting and perching in those treated areas.

Nylon netting is considered the most effective and efficient humane method of bird control. The method ensures 100% bird exclusion. You will need to hire bird control professionals to visit the affected area and install netting of the most appropriate size. And once installed, all your pest birds related problems are solved.

Want To Keep Pest Birds Away Netting Is Available At Your Rescue

Netting for Aircraft Hangers

 As aircraft hangars remain wide open during operational hours, birds like pigeon, sparrows and starlings can enjoy flocking around eaves, support beams, door openings, and overhangs. The nesting material and droppings of these birds can fall onto the aircraft engines, testing and maintenance areas, and parts storage area. Engine parts that are damaged or contaminated due to bird droppings may make them useless or even cause an accident when in the air. Besides that, droppings make the floor slippery. But installing bird netting will address all these problems.

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Netting for Wetland Areas

If installed properly, heavy duty netting forms a physical barrier that hold back migratory birds from landing into water areas such as ponds. Such heavy duty netting is made out of highly durable nylon material. It is designed such that it can withstand harsh weather for extended time-span.

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 Nylon netting is available in a plenty of mesh sizes to best fit different size of the impacted areas. You will find netting which is lightweight and transparent. So, installing one would not play havoc onto the aesthetic value of your property. And when pest birds would realize that they are unable to access the particular site, they will search for another location for nesting and roosting.

Are you experiencing trouble due to pigeons’ roosting and nesting? Pigeon netting is a cost-effective and humane way of getting rid of them. Call the pigeon control service provider in your area today!

Author Bio: Jennifer is a professional content writer and editor. She has published many write-ups about the benefits of choosing humane methods of pigeon control including pigeon netting and pigeon spikes.