The Benefits Of House Call Doctor Services

If you have thought about switching your medical care to one of the new house call doctor services that are opening across the country you are not alone. Getting medical care can be a huge hassle and sometimes it’s nearly impossible to get seen by a doctor when you need to. It used to be that only very wealthy people could afford to have a doctor come to their homes but thanks to house call doctor services now everyone can get medical care at home. Many insurance plans cover medical services and exams done at home just the same way they cover other types of medical care. You may have to pay the doctor for travel out of pocket but if you have good insurance you won’t have to pay anything else to get great care at home. Check out some of the other benefits of using Housecall Doctor Services :

More One on One Time

When you go to a doctor’s office you might only get five minutes of face time with a doctor. You will be rushed and you will spend more time with the physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner than you will with the doctor. When the doctor comes to your house for a house call visit you get more quality time to discuss your health issues and concerns. Your doctor is listening to you without being distracted by the number of patients waiting in the waiting room. You won’t get lost in the crowd and your concerns will be heard. It’s also much easier to discuss sensitive symptoms or issues with the doctor privately in your home than it is to discuss them in a loud doctor’s office or medical center. Using at home doctor services will give you the chance to get the in-depth health care that you need.

Lower Risk

When you go to a medical center or doctor’s office you will be surrounded by other sick people. If you have children with you, or if you are elderly or have a compromised immune system being around so many other ill people can put you at risk. You can develop infections and catch viruses that will make you even sicker. When the doctor comes to you there is no risk that you are going to catch another patient’s cold or virus from sitting with them in the overcrowded waiting room for a long time. You also won’t need to worry about trying to drive yourself to a medical center in bad weather.

Greater Convenience

For a lot of people it’s just never convenient to have to go to the doctor. For people who are elderly or have limited mobility it can be a nightmare to try and get seen even for routine care. Parents also have a hard time getting one child in to see a doctor when they have multiple children and multiple schedules to juggle. It is a lot more convenient to have the doctor come to you.