How To Buy Wholesale Sporting Apparel For Screen Printing

For anyone who wants to profit by selling screen printed wholesale sporting apparel in their store, finding the right company to buy from is the first step. Although finding a wholesale clothing manufacturer can be difficult, there is an abundance of companies online. However, like any type of business on the internet, it is important to sort through those you find and take the necessary steps to determine which ones are legitimate and those which are not.

Quality garments made from durable fabrics are essential for screenprinting. In order for the designs that are applied to the garments to retain their original shape and color, the fabric they are applied to must not shrink. Otherwise, the image will become distorted and unattractive. Some screenprinters limit their selection of clothing to printing t-shirts. A soft knit t-shirt made from durable fibers and a tight weave will deliver exceptional results. When purchasing wholesale t-shirts, you will get better results if you avoid those that are made with cotton. Thanks to modern technology, synthetic fabrics are available that will not shrink but which also have moisture management features to prevent them from being too hot against the skin.

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How To Buy Wholesale Sporting Apparel For Screen Printing

Buying Wholesale

Not all companies that sell Wholesale Sporting Apparel will sell to anyone without a license. They also differ in the minimum number of each garment that you must buy. If you have a small screen printing business that you run out of your basement or garage, you probably don’t want to purchase from a wholesale manufacturer that only does business on a large scale. Even if you limit your purchases to fewer than 100 garments at a time, you still have the option to get what you need at a lower cost. You should realize, however, that you will probably pay less per-piece when you order more pieces at a time.

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How Much to Buy

Companies that sell wholesale sporting apparel in bulk typically reduce the price per-piece as the number of garments you purchase increases. This could be a benefit or a hindrance to your business. If you are just starting out and want to test the water, place a minimum order to see if you have what it takes to be a successful screenprinter. On the other hand, if you have already established your business and it is growing, increasing the availability of colors and sizes you have to offer could help your business grow. Just make sure the company you purchase your t-shirts from offers you the options you need now and those that will best serve you in the future.

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Diversify Your Product Line

Not all screenprinters limit themselves to printing t-shirts. Shorts, fleece pants and hoodies can also be used to create unique garments. Again, choose garments made of synthetics such as polyester to get the best results when applying screen printed designs. With the right wholesale sporting apparel and a little artistic talent, you can build a successful business.