How To Apologize To A Brother

Brotherly relations are undoubtedly the longest at the family level, because even after the death of parents, siblings remain brothers, and contemporary usually allows them to share much of life together. But sometimes coexistence of thought or differences create conflicts that lead to a fight or a misunderstanding, we have all ever lived, and a good way to start is to show your repentance reconciliation through apology. If you thought after that discussion several times in taking this step, we give you some tips so you know how to apologize to a brother

After An Argument Reflects

Always you argue with someone you think you’re absolutely right? Costs you admit that there are two culprits discussion? If you answer yes maybe it is because you do not usually think hard after a fight. It is important to do so and also be in the position of your brother, try to understand their arguments even if we disagree with them, this will help us calm down and realize that despite the differences may be an intermediate point of encounter based on respect and mutual affection.

It Offers a Sincere Apology

No matter why you want to say sorry, if it was after a fight, an action that you made or a position you took, in either case it is important to accept that at some point made ??a mistake and feel sincerely you’re sorry for it. Otherwise the apology is just an empty word and looks it or not it makes a difference

Create the Occasion to Apologize

Find a good time when they are alone to apologize if different as often invite him for a coffee, a pleasant place, or if the distance does not make it possible, call by phone. Avoid impersonal means such as emails, searching for a feeling and sometimes express written words do not determine our tone so unsuited to the occasion.

Avoid Phrases Like how are you

Conditional statements like “if I offended I apologize”, it is clear that if you have felt the need to apologize is because you know that someone was hurt, give it for granted and not as a conditional. Another thing you should avoid is saying “I am sorry but I am not the only culprit,” you are there to offer your apology not to blame your brother, everyone must individually take their errors, and stay away from phrases like “you’ve always been and “use it bitterness of the past will not help solve the problem, just the opposite.

Apologizing does not Fall Back into Polemics

Sometimes the chance to say sorry becomes a battlefield, this is because the attitude is conciliatory but no reproach, it is important to remember that we want to solve the problem not make it worse, so take care and choose your words carefully

Time to Time

Sometimes your brother just wanted to hug that apology and continue as always, but sometimes the wounds are deeper and expect to be closed. Apologizing is a noble deed but does not imply that the other must necessarily forgive, or does it when and how you want, give it time for you to also reflect on their own feelings

Do not use intermediaries, if you have to say something to your brother one better than you to do.