Apple With 3 Products On Sep 9th Event 2014: iWatch, Larger iPhone, iPad

At the special event on September 9th, 2014, at hometown of Cupertino, California Apple invited Media. The Apple iPhone creators are expected to reveal the latest version of bestselling smartphones and two other Products of Apple.

Apple is expected to say more about the latest Apple products, as per the Rumors and exact information on Sep 9, Apple is expected to launch iWatch at that event, there is no specific information regarding iWatch but Apple products come with all attracting features all the time and this time the same could happen again.

The launch date is reported across the world; also Apple will unveil the larger smartphone’s 4.7 and 5.5 inch smartphones on the event. Apple is hoping that this smartphones will take competitions with Samsung Smartphones which is top in marketing. In the event Apple will show the first look of the larger smartphone and also the smartwatch.

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Many events of Apple are held in September month and it uses the September month for the most important products, the earlier release of the tablet devices has not gained most fame with its features. Keeping this in mind Apple is expected to discuss and may also show the latest features and designs of the upcoming Larger Apple iPad 12.9 inches.

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Apple With 3 Products On Sep 9th Event 2014: iWatch, Larger iPhone, iPad

So this event September 9th Apple is going to discuss about these three Products (Smartphones, iPad, and iWatch) and may also release on of them.

Apple Competition with Top Brands

In these days Samsung, HTC and other top devices are with lack of designs. Samsung is gaining a top place with huge sales all over the world and only Samsung is the top competition for the iPhone. Keeping all these in mind Apple is supposed to make some great surprise introduction regarding the upcoming Products.

Apple keeps its place on top for many years, it has its own iOS operating System. While all other products are depending on Google Android, fans of Apple are waiting for the latest products and features for the upcoming devices. And Sure, Apple may surprise their followers. For years Apple hasn’t disappointed anyone with their design and features.

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Apple Suffered with lack of Games, Application and their updates few years ago, but Apple is now running with all updates, high Definition Games, also all essential Applications. Now Apple is good through all updates as per users Requirements and running equally with Android, Blackberry, and Window’s Phone Operating System.