Confused On Establishing A Company In UAE? Require Help From Local Firms?

UAE in general is of strict rules and laws and is a state where punishments would be very high in case of evading the law. From outside it would not seem easy to do Company set up in Dubai in the foreign land that too UAE. But the fact is the UAE government as a welcoming act has eased some norms on companies’ act that too the companies who wish to operate or handle foreign trade with base as UAE. The companies could be established in free zone which the UAE government has set up outside UAE to encourage more foreign investments with very minimum regulations. Even the government exempts tax on those companies who establish their companies in the free zone.

There are so many concessions for the companies in the free zone. The company could be a free zone company or an offshore company. Both the companies enjoy tax exemptions and more subsidies. These companies need not have any partner to establish the connection like the limited companies. These companies also need not share their profit with any of the consultant. But to have the things done easier these companies could depend on the local agents or the companies who service the offshore companies from establishing or setting up the company till helps in employing the staffs for the company.

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Privileges Enjoyed By The Offshore Companies

The companies could invest any amount and the denomination could be divided as per the wish of the company. Beginning from one director to as much as 50 directors could be there in the company. The company would be allowed to open up a bank account in Dubai. The domicile in UAE should be located in free zone area only. Auditing should be done in case of any suspicion.

Confused On Establishing A Company In UAE? Require Help From Local Firms?

Whom To Depend To Establish The Company?

There are so many agents who are natives of UAE to help people in establishing new companies in free zone. The offshore companies or the free zone companies could be established without any partnership with the native of UAE as a partner. But to make the things easier, it is good to take up the help of the agent companies who could help the business to get established right from the beginning. These companies would be able to help the business entities in opening an account in Dubai bank, employing the staffs, taking up visas, being responsible for the office space, handling the sale of the finished goods or services and many more other things. These services would be provided by the offshore service providers who are in UAE.

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Service Providers Qualities

  • Should be able to render service on time
  • Should be able to act as a bridge between the government officials and the company
  • Should be able to keep up their promise

The company could consider taking up the packages in relevance to their requirement. There are various packages offering various services with which the service provider would render the services to the company. These service providers would behave as a bridge between the government and the offshore entities. With these service providers it would be very easy for the offshore companies to get legal things done instead of doing themselves without knowing the laws over there clearly. The offshore companies should first choose the service provider based on the merits of their services and the promptness of their work. The perfection and the professionalism of the service provider would prove on whom to select. Also the companies should consider the fees and the quality service rendered by the service providers to render their service. The service provider should be able to render service swiftly, promptly and amicably. They should be able to understand the values and the requirements of the clients and their expectations.

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