Important Features To Look For In A Voice Recorder

Voice recorders are valuable handheld devices specifically designed to record dictations, lectures, conferences, interviews or voice memos for later playback and transcription. In the past, analog voice recording devices such as cassettes and tape recorders were used for transcription purposes. However, the analog cassette recorders evolved into digital voice recording units. Digital recorders were developed for the same professional use as cassette players, but their design makes categorizing and uploading of recorded audio more manageable and organized.

Despite being designed for the same purpose as traditional cassette and tape recorders, digital audio recorders are not created equal and as such come in a variety of types. That is why it is important to consider the available features before buying one. Below are 5 features that should be at the top of your list when shopping for a digital voice recorder.


All voice recorders are lightweight, compact, and easy to carry. The size however the size varies from one device to the next. What would be the ideal size should be based on the use of the voice recorder and not the price. For those people who tend to carry many electronic devices with them the lighter and less noticeable the digital recorder, the better. Alternatively, a larger device is ideal for capturing several voices at the same time. Having a specific size in mind makes it easier to compare available features on similar sized recorders.

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Important Features To Look For In A Voice Recorder

Type Of Memory

A voice recorder can store audio files either internally or on a removable memory card. The type of memory available determines how much data can be stored on the device. Removable memory can record several hours of audio thereby allowing one to record lengthy audio files. Internal memory is always limited, but the exact amount will vary depending on your chosen brand.

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Compatibility of the Device

Digital voice recorders differ in terms of compatibility with specific computers, software or operating systems. The type of machine or audio player software that a given voice recorder is compatible with depends on the format of the audio files. Therefore, one must first look at the specific compatibility details of a digital voice recorder before making a purchase.

Freedom of Editing

Digital voice recorders can upload files onto a computer for editing or other uses such as transcription and playback. In most cases, editing is done after audio files have been recorded, but there are advanced digital recorders that enable editing on the device itself. Such recorder offer more editing options in terms of voice quality and are ideal for anyone who records regular dictations.

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Quality of Sound

Sound quality is one of the most important factors to consider as it determines the ease in which a transcription can be done. High sound quality enables audible playback as well as maintains the quality of the sound when reproduction of the original audio file is to be done. External microphones and in-built stereo microphones can also be used to enhance the quality of sound.

Voice recorders are valuable tools for any individual who offers professional transcription services. Comparing the key features mentioned above will help you to distinguish the best voice recorder that will suit your needs.

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