Benefits Of Switching To Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers were made as an alternate to smoking and have numerous benefits associated with them.

The Beginning of Healthy Choices

  • No Tar & Carbon Monoxide

Tobacco cigarettes have tar, carbon monoxide and 4000+ harmful poisons, which aren’t found in electronic cigarettes.

  • Helps Your Body to Detoxify

E-cigarettes make a person feel a lot better as they don’t offer any tars, toxins, and other poisons to your body. Your body would feel relieved in cutting out on these additional poisons.

  • Elimination of second-hand smoke

You don’t have to worry about second-hand smoke which bothers people around you. This form of smoke is considered even worse compared to actually smoking. But with e-cig you don’t need to worry about this as the vapor released from it only appears like smoke and vanished in some seconds.

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Benefits Of Switching To Electronic Cigarettes

Helps Saving Money

E-cigarettes are quite less costly compared to tobacco cigarettes. A traditional tobacco cigarette pack costs nearly $7 to $19, depending on your area. One e-cig cartridge is equal to one full pack of tobacco cigarettes and costs just around $2. This would save you $4 to $9 on each pack. You can save more with the help of e-liquid and refilling cartridges on your own.

  • May Smoke Less Actually

While smoking a tobacco cigarette, it hardly happens that you throw half a cigarette away, thus it makes you smoke more. However, with e-cig you can only take some puffs and put it away. Also, the e-cigarette doesn’t burn your money while sitting in an ashtray when you aren’t smoking.

  • Reduces Insurance Rates

Smoking an e-cigarette gives you an added advantage. You get cheap insurance for yourself as you are no more a tobacco user.


Safe & Clean Environment

  • No Smoking Smell

No smoking means smoke free clothes, breath, hair, and fingers. You can smoke it in non-smokers area without anyone getting offended. E-cig are completely odorless and tar free thus you have the freedom to use it everywhere.

  • No burns and flammable

E-cig don’t have a very hot end, thus the burning chances are close to zero. You would have burned holes free car interior, carpets, clothes, and furniture. Just carry your electronic cigarette in your pocket when you aren’t smoking.

  • No lighters & ashtrays

With e-cigs you don’t need ashtray as they don’t produce any butts or ashes. No lighter is needed as well. Electronic cig don’t have flame and thus you have to carry one less thing with you.

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Can Be Smoked in Non-Smoking Area

E-cig has no smoke and no flame and they don’t come under the indoor non-smoking ban. You can use e-cigs to maintain your nicotine level where smoking isn’t permissible, but it is better to check with the particular rules of a place first. With e-cig you can calm your smoking cravings at your workplace, at a bar, restaurant, and nearly everywhere without the need to step outside. It is always a good idea to check the particular rules of a place as some places don’t even allow electronic cigarettes.

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