Know A Little About STD Testing Procedures

People today are getting more and more aware of the causes and consequences of sexually transmitted diseases. Thanks to the media sources like television and movies – the awareness created across the globe about sexually transmitted diseases is way better than how it was decades ago. Using protection or safe sex and getting oneself tested for any of the sexually transmitted disease annually is quite a common act now. It is always better to get tested even when you feel confident that you can never incur an STD.

But many people are still ignorant of the kind of test they need or even how often they need to get screened for the STDs. Thus, being vocal to your doctor about the infection you feel you might have would prove very helpful. There are many individuals who also shy away from getting themselves tested due to the thought that people would come to know that he is infected; that is if the test comes true. However, one needs to understand that there are many STD testing centers that keep this information confidential and do not reveal any information about their patients under any circumstances. Visit a reliable Fort Worth STD testing center today to grab more insight into the same.

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Know A Little About STD Testing Procedures

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and the Test for the Same

There are several diseases that are transmitted sexually. However, different tests can be conducted in order to grab an insight about the encountered problem. However, the good thing is that these diseases can be easily cured under the supervision of a medical health practitioner.

For gonorrhea either a swab test from cervix is done or urine sample is analyzed. Gram staining a sample from cervix is also a test for gonorrhea.

The sexually transmitted disease herpes is caused herpes simplex virus. The tests include herpes viral culture where the virus is cultured by swabbing from a fresh sore. Herpes virus antigen detection test and PCR (polymerase chain reaction) are also conducted to detect herpes infection.

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Venereal disease research laboratory or the VDRL test is popularly used to test for syphilis. Rapid plasma test or PRP test and enzyme immunoassay or EIA are also recommended for detection of syphilis. It is always advised to g for either a VDRL or PRP after getting a positive EIA result.

For testing for Chlamydia infection NAAT or nucleic acid amplification test is conducted to identify the type of Chlamydia bacteria that has caused the infection. Nucleic acid hybridization test is accurate for detecting a Chlamydia infection but not as sensitive as NAAT. Enzyme inked immuno sorbent assay, direct fluorescent antibody test (DFA), and Chlamydia culture are other tests for Chlamydia.

A common test for trichomoniasis infection in women is a wet mount microscopically evaluation of vaginal discharge. Antigen detection test otherwise known as immuno chromatographic strip test is also done but very rarely. Amplified DNA probe test is also rarely done to determine the DNA of the trich parasite causing the disease.

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HIV is another common STD. it is believed that a person diagnosed with any of the STDs is at a greater risk of contracting a HIV infection. Enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay (ELISA) is the most common test to detect HIV, Human immuno virus that is known to cause the sexually transmitted disease Acquired immuno deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Western blotting is also conducted for detecting the human immuno virus. Many home test kits are available in the market that allows you to self-test for HIV. However, it is always suggested to seek help from a reliable Fort Worth STD testing center if you plan to get yourself tested.