Which Of These Popular Women Have You Googled In The Past Year?

The internet is our one-stop destination for all information today, and this extends to finding information about the celebrities and famous people we know too. One of the most popularly used searches is for the women who are famous in various fields. The one way to obtain the information on these women is by searching for them using Google. Simple searches can actually lead you to knowing the 50 most popular women and grab an eye of a detail about them. Who is your favorite celebrity, anchor, music icon, artist or individual? Look up for them on the internet now to find out if they have landed themselves in the race of top 50 popular women on the World Wide Web.

Have you looked for these Top Grosser?

Various women make it to the top of the list, for various reasons. Topping the list are the stage performers and well-known celebrities like Rihanna, M.I.A and Lana Del Rey. Some more famous people on the list are Sunny leone, Oprah Winfrey, Whitney Houston, Marilyn Monroe and more. So, how many times have you looked up information on these stars, and followed their itinerary on the internet while searching for videos and pictures of their latest performances?

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Coming close on the list is Lady Gaga, who may not be famously liked. Yet, she still manages to make her way to this list for the different music she creates, and the personality that she has. While it is mainly the rock stars, pop singers and stage performers who occupy the greater part of the list, there are some classic beauties like Taylor Swift, who are also popular for their looks and talent. Did you know that for many Emma Watson has been their first crush? And Shakira, stands at 29 in the list of 50 most popular womenon the internet.

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Which Of These Popular Women Have You Googled In The Past Year?

Odd is also Interesting

Not only are the pretty and famous in the limelight, those who are less favored also making this list. Kim Kardashian is probably the woman who is most popularly disliked. She too wins a place in the top 50, as it may be her curious haters who search for her immensely. The same condition probably applies to Paris Hilton too. Parish Hilton, a brand marketing machine by herself, stands at number 25.

Angelina Jolie who is famous for intriguing the masses with her different roles and interesting looks has a strong presence in this list. Have you ever searched for her? It is also the girl next door, who everyone loves and wishes to check on—Jennifer Aniston is a constant on this list.

And then there is Oprah Winfrey and Heidi Klum, who are forever famous for what they have achieved and in spite of age or newer faces appearing in town, never cease to be sought out.

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There are umpteen reasons for why the women on the top 50 list are searched for. Some of them may be too active and always in the public eye, that they welcome the attention that they get. Others may impress the press, and the coverage that they get is enough to keep people searching for them. With Google and similar search engines shooting up pages and pages of information, what other medium would even come close to these to provide die-hard fans all the information they require on their favorite stars? One can know a widespread range of information when they Google about their favorite celebrities; from knowing about their whereabouts, upcoming shows, to be released movies, style secrets, fashion tips, beauty tricks, latest fashion trends and many more.