Harness Potential Of WordPress Development To Launch Your First Website With Success

WordPress has emerged as a popular content management system today which was first launched in 2003. Initially it was used as a simple platform for blogs. But today WordPress is being sued to create brochure style websites, ecommerce websites and small business websites. In current times WordPress has become the backbone of most of the major websites. A recent estimate revels that approximately 6 million websites have made use of WordPress. Making a WordPress website is no longer a challenging task. This primer highlights how WordPress development can be made use of to develop a website.

WordPress is Popular

There are several reasons which have led to the popularity of WordPress. In the last few decades creating a website required developers to learn HTML coding. Today WordPress makes use of themes to create the basic design of sites. More than thousands of themes are available in WordPress today. Some are included in WordPress while the rest can be downloaded from the internet at a little cost. You will not have to access the HTML code which lies behind the WordPress site unless you intend to do something which is complicated. WordPress has emerged as an important e-commerce platform today which has the right plug-ins.

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Harness Potential Of WordPress Development To Launch Your First Website With Success

Themes, Plug-ins and Support

Whether you need a simple or complex site you can make use of WordPress. The themes in WordPress determine the appearance of the website. The plug-ins decides how functional the website is. You can make use of a wide range of plug-ins which is available for creating online shops to adding photo galleries on websites. If you encounter problems with WordPress you do not have to worry. The support community is large which has several support forums which will help you out. It is very unlikely that the problem faced by you has not been faced by anyone else.

Developing a Website

You can harness the potential of WordPress development to launch your first website. To launch the website you will need a web hosting account with your own domain. You will also require a web browser. In addition to these you should have a subject for the website which you intend to launch. The first thing you will require is an address for your website and a web hosting service. The first step is to register your domain. The next step is to install WordPress on the new domain. After WordPress has installed make sure that you can access the WordPress dashboard easily. You should be able to see your site when you type the domain name in the web browser.

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Selecting Right Theme

By default during installation of WordPress the Twenty Fourteen theme is installed from the start. You can change this monochrome and minimalist theme to a more colorful one. You can select the “themes” option on the dashboard. A screen will appear before you which displays all the themes. You can easily add themes which you have purchased online. Once you click the “activate” button a theme will automatically get installed.

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Points to Keep in Mind

You should consider some important factors when you choose the theme. Decide beforehand the number of columns which you want in your theme. These with two columns are the most common. Make sure that you use a theme which comes from a legitimate source. If you are in doubt go for simple themes which will not clutter your website. Learn the concept of Posts and Pages in WordPress when you add content to the website. Make sure that you install plug-ins to enhance the functionality of the site. However do not make use of too many plug-ins at once.

Author Bio: Paul Daniel plans to launch an animated video agency next month. He has already recruited the professionals and has started to receive calls from clients. He has made use of a WordPress theme to create the company’s website.