6 Tips To Help You Sleep

Some people suffer from sleep problems and find it hard to sleep, either because they are very stressed, suffer from insomnia, you are working late at night … We all sleep at least 7 hours a day in order to rest and have a healthy life. Here are some tips to get more out sleep and feel rested and refreshed.

1. Keep regular sleep schedules. It is important to keep sleep-wake schedules, as our sleep cycle is up-regulated by a “circadian” clock in our brain. Deal to have a balance, otherwise will not cost asleep and then we will have more difficulty getting up.

2. Find activities that relax before falling asleep. This helps to slow down, and body and mind and able to leave work, stress, worry, anxiety, among others. For example have a book you like and read one few pages before falling asleep. It has been found that bathing in hot water before bed helps you sleep deeper. You can also add or soothing nature sounds relaxing music to fall asleep. There aromatherapy to put on the sheets and pillow that can also help. Avoid using the computer or watch TV before going to sleep.

3. Invest in a good pillow and mattress. About one person spends in bed asleep about 2555 hours per year, as we do not go a good mattress and pillows. If they go out seize promotions to change the bed mattress if it is too old. The life expectancy of a mattress is about 10 years. If you have allergies look for materials that are hypo-allergenic.

4. Look for a perfect sleep environment. If it’s hot hands has a fan or open the window, if you have a good cold blanket and wear socks. If you live where it’s noisy, look for ways to reduce noise pollution. Try not to be interrupted and cool to sleep, quietly and in a calm environment. If your partner snores try to identify the cause and implement ways to reduce them. Sometimes it can be excess weight, sleep position or any breathing problems.

5. Bed is for sleep and sex. This is the recommendation of specialists. Try not to use the computer, watch television or eat in bed. If you have an alarm clock on it nightstand and causes anxiety, have not facing you. Try to make the most of the hours of sleep.

6. Eat at least 2 hours before bed. If you eat and immediately go to sleep, or eat very heavy foods, it may cost you sleep. Also other people may suffer from reflux, indigestion or heartburn if you eat and go to bed immediately. Dinner should be light and try not to drink plenty of fluids so you will not have to get up at night to urinate.