Tips For Buying Colored Contact Lenses In Australia Online

When in the market for colored contact lenses one of the first things you need to take into account is your natural eye color. This means that if your eyes are light and you need to brighten them up slightly then opt for color enhancing contacts. These enhancers are a lot more natural on light colored eyes. People with darker colored eyes may want to dramatically change the color using opaque color contacts. That said there are a number of other factors you also need to consider when buying contact lenses as we will examine below.

What type of change were you hoping for?

There are some colored contact lenses sold that are brighter than many others available. Colored lenses like True Sapphire color tend to be best suited for parties because it goes well with evening makeup. However, people who want to buy contact lenses online for work may prefer lenses which are not so vivid. That said these are not rules set in stone but make sure that you properly consider exactly how bright the lens is and if its right for the occasion prior to making your purchase.

Consider comfort in addition to the Look

When searching for contact lenses it is important that you consider wearing comfort in addition to the look of these lenses. There are many well known brands of lenses so if this is your first time buying perhaps try on all the leading brands prior to making a decision. You may also opt to buy disposal monthly or weekly color contacts. That said deciding on what is best for you will mainly depend on how long you intend on wearing these lenses. For instance, if you want to wear them each and every day or all day long, you are better off buying disposal lenses. This will ensure that the protein deposits do not cause harm and they will consequently feel very comfortable each time you wear them. People who are seeking those perfect green or blue eyes every now and then, annual replacement color lenses should serve the purpose.

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Tips For Buying Colored Contact Lenses In Australia Online

You will certainly need a Prescription

You will need a prescription to buy color contact lenses in Australia, since they are considered medical devices. Then there is also the fact that unlike readymade clothes there isn’t a one size fits all lens, even if you have 20/20 vision it is still important for an optician to measure your eye’s base curve. Some of the most famous brands of contact lenses are available in plain as well as with minus and plus powers. People who have an astigmatism will be limited in terms of choice.

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Get free trial Color contacts

There are many opticians who can offer you a trial pair of the color contacts which should give you some idea as to what can be expected from them. Since opticians will not allow you to try every lens that they have in their inventory, it’s important to have an idea of the color and brand that you want and then ask the doctor for a trial. But because these are medical devices you can only find them in an optometrist’s clinic.

Compare Prices at different Shops

The best way to save on color contact lenses is to buy them online. That said the prices offered by online stores differ from one shop to the next. So, once you have selected the type of lens and color that you want after visiting the eye doctor you can then start checking prices online. But always factor shipping costs into the final price when buying online.

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Be ready to care for your Lenses

Leading online contact lenses Australia store Lens World suggests that people be prepared to care for their lenses. Those who already wear corrective lenses will know that colored lenses need similar care. However, it is not hard or time consuming to take care of your colored contact lenses. Most doctors should be more than glad to show you how to take care of your lenses. There are also numerous videos online which will help you with that too. The important thing is to perform the steps described regularly to avoid problems with your eyes later on or during the course of wearing contact lenses.


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