Why Cyber Security Measures Important To Your Business?

Every business owner needs to know risks of technology and the importance of cyber security, because cyber security protects the important files or information from hackers.

This is not only for increasing deep technical knowledge. It is part of understanding how an organization’s cyber-security system relates to organizational and strategic priorities and protects the data that plays a vital role in the business growth.

12% of business owners agreed confidence in a company had actually increased after they were notified of a personal data security breach; 58% said a breach had decreased regarding the trust and confidence in the organization.

Some situations, threats to your information are not coming from other people, but from natural or technological causes. Although there is no way to control or prevent these problems, you can prepare for them and try to minimize the damage.

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Here are 4 important Cyber Security Measures

How to Protect your Password

Your internet service provider gives you an authentication systems, look for ones that use Kerberos, challenge/response, or public key encryption rather than simple passwords (see Understanding ISPs and Supplementing Passwords for more information). Consider challenging service providers that only use passwords to adopt more secure methods.

Many programs offer the option of “remembering” your password, but these programs has varying degrees of security protecting that information. Some programs, such as email clients, store the information in clear text in a file on your computer. This means that anyone with access to your computer can discover all of your passwords and can gain access to your information.

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Why Cyber Security Measures Important To Your Business?

Protect the Work Related Data

Protect your personal information from threats of viruses and Trojan horses that will try to modify your information on your personal computer and leave you vulnerable by using anti-virus software and a firewall. Make sure to keep your virus definitions up to date.

Install software patches on your personal computer so it will difficult to the attackers cannot take advantage of known problems or vulnerabilities Many operating systems offer automatic updates. If this option is available, you should turn it on.

Reduce the Spam

Spam does not necessarily contain malware valid messages from genuine sources could fall into this classification.

Email addresses have become so common that a space for them is often included on any form that asks for your address even comment cards at restaurants. It seems harmless, so many people write them in the space provided without realizing what could happen to that information.

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Use, Privacy Settings on Social Networking Websites

Online media websites typically permit you to select who has accessibility to see your current e-mail details. Consider hiding your e-mail account or changing the settings so that only an individual that you trust are able to see your address with Also, when you use programs on these websites, you may be allowing permission for them to access your private details. Be careful about which programs you select to use.