How To Save Money While Visiting Sydney

Recently, Sydney came in TOP 10 on cost-of-touring city published by TripAdvisor, but you don’t need to worry about your budget. Since I’ve lived in Sydney for nearly 5 years, I’ve got many excellent tips for saving money. These places are culled from a number of cheap or free attractions by myself, even the locals may not know, so what are you waiting for? Let’s go.

Three Foot Square Gallery

Three Foot Square Gallery is located in Paddington. The reason why it was recommended by many travel experts is that they have many things to see. This Gallery is a part of art institute in NSW University. Saied it “tiny” is because its area is only 3 feet, it probably is the smallest gallery in Sydney. All work of art was Embedded in the exhibit walls, looks very exquisite. They will light up every window during the night with full-bodied art impressiveness. Just bring in happy feeling to visit this place because share and exchange art will not charge your money.

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The Penguin Parade

Manly is the North’s port of NSW, there is a Penguin breed base in here. The Penguin here also call “spirit Penguin”, this kind of Penguin is on the verge of extinction with only about 120 Penguins. Do you want to see them? Corinth bay can be the best place, and it is all free.

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How To Save Money While Visiting Sydney

Paddington Reservoir Garden

This is a new garden in Sydney as the locals may not know. The garden is located in a special place where under an old reservoir. This reservoir has built in 1866 and converted into a depot in 1899. There were parking area and garden built at the top of the reservoir. Now they got a new identity, which is a beautiful garden. Paddington Reservoir Garden dotted with small parks and ponds, you can see many graffiti clearly which were built in 1990. These kinds of art add a lot of interest to the garden. It feels like you backed to a Roman garden or an arcadia without hubbub. Don’t worry about your budget because it is free.

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Lucas Heights Nuclear Reactor

Lucas Heights Nuclear Reactor is a little bit far away from city and you may think about campervan hire Sydney. The first Saturday of every month, we can visit here for free. This place is the only place for Nuclear Reactor in Australia. The scientists of CSIRO will show you what is neutrons and neutron scattering. You can even go into the guidance office of neutron to have a close encounter with accelerator and spectrometer. This is a sensitive location, you must bring your passport and book it for three days in advance. The first Saturday of every month, from 10 to 14 is free.