The Highs Of Vaping

Over the years, COPD has been the number one cause of deaths among men and women in differing age groups. This phenomenon is alarming especially since a large proportion of the populace are smokers. However, even if a smoker is convinced that quitting is the best option to avoid the detrimental effects of smoking, there is still a high chance that this goal would not be met.

But thanks to technology, a lot of people have succeeded to quit their deadly habit. E-cigarettes are one of the best alternatives to smoking traditional tobacco and cigarettes especially if you feel the unstoppable urge to smoke. Instead of buying packs of nicotine in a stick, investing in an ego-c e-cigarette is a better option.

Health Benefits

Smoking e-cigarettes does not guarantee the vaper a nicotine-free life because most e-liquid contain nicotine (although zero nicotine versions are available). Nonetheless, smoking cigarettes is way more dangerous to your health than vaping. The toxic chemicals are greatly reduced and a lot of e-cigarette users claim that they feel infinitely better than they did when they were smoking traditional cigarettes. Also, the chance of stopping the habit entirely will increase once you switch to vaping.

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The Highs Of Vaping

The Smell

To non-smokers and former smokers, the smell of cigarette smoke is just unbearable. Burning tobacco and traditional cigarettes emit odor because of the process of burning toxic chemicals and tar. Not only is the odor annoying, the smell can cling and stay in the hair, body and personal items worn by the smoker.

E-cigarettes on the other hand do not emit such odor because the vapour that is exhaled is just water vapour and can evaporate right away. Also, since most e-cigarette juices are fruit or non-tobacco flavours, the smell from the vapour is actually quite pleasant. Theseare the main reasons why e-cigarette use is allowed in both public and private areas—another perk of using an e-cigarette over smoking regular tobacco.

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Burning No More

In both developed and developing countries, smoking is a fire hazard because once a smoker neglects the lit cigarette, it can burn items which may possibly lead to the burning of the whole area. In a lot of countries, a significant number of fire-related incidents and deaths started from lit cigarettes. No one really wants to take the risk of burning their house down just because of irresponsible smoking, and this is why cigarette smoking is not only hazardous to individuals, but to the society as a whole.

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The advantage of choosing e-cigarettes over cigarette packs is that it cannot burn any item because logically, nothing is lit. E-cigarettes are battery operated and they do not need fire to function. Even though there has been a report that an e-cigarette exploded while in use, the findings suggest that the user stacked the battery to be able to increase the power of the e-cigar. As a consequence, the vape exploded on the user’s face. Nevertheless, if the e-cigarette is used safely in accordance with the instructions and not tampered with, there is no risk that the item will explode.