What Is Type 2 Diabetes and Its Treatment

There are some similar and common symptoms of type 1 and type 2 Diabetes, but each has its own symptoms of it. But the common symptoms in Type 1 and Type are: Feeling thirsty, urinating frequently, feeling very tired, also weight loss.

The thing is many people unknowingly suffer from Diabetes for many years, is you find any symptoms in you immediately make it clear with your doctor. Because if you are in, starting stage it can be cured fast and easy, but ignoring it will cause risk to you.

There are some other symptoms of Diabetes like: all time itching around the Vagina or Penis, vision lost in your eyesight and your eye lens goes dry, skin infections, cramps and constipation. And it is not that everyone will have these infections, but ignoring them may be harmful to you.

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Type 2 Diabetes Causes

The forming of Type 2 Diabetes will form with Pancreas, the gland which is under your stomach, the pancreas not producing proper insulin to control blood glucose levels, and also when the body cells not responding properly to insulin and this may be produced. The insufficient insulin in your body produces excess of blood glucose level will become very high.

What Is Type 2 Diabetes and Its Treatment

Treating Type 2 Diabetes

Maybe it’s hard to believe that Diabetes cannot be cured, but maintaining the perfect treatment will bring your blood Glucose level in control. The advice you can hear from the specialist, diabetes care team or your general practitioner will all be the same, they give you only first line diabetes care only.

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In some cases Diabetes can be controlled if you change your living, life style such as your eating some healthy diet regularly without fail. Also the other way is to control your Diabetes is to completely avoid smoking, drinking also regular exercise will keep you in control.

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The good thing is you can get good progress if you maintain all good like changing your way of lifestyle, proper medication and good exercise will bring your sugar lever to normal. Take treatment as per the schedule, eating tablets, taking injections such as insulin.


If you ignore the Type 2 Diabetes it will increase the level of Blood glucose and will damage the blood vessels (which carries blood all over your body) also can damage your nerve system and organs.

Living with Diabetes is very dangerous make your full efforts in controlling risk complication in your whole life.