5 Tips For Making IPhone Repairs Easier

The iPhone is perhaps one of the most popular smart phone around, it also happens to stand for quality and beauty. The sleek, high tech and sexy design is a big reason why everyone wants one. However, like everything else things can go wrong with an otherwise pretty durable iPhone 4, 4S, 5 or 5C and when things go wrong you either have the option of sending it to a professional for repairs, doing it yourself or perhaps if it’s still under warranty send it to Apple. That said the other and perhaps a cheaper option may be to try and fix the problem yourself using a host of online video tutorial and guides. You should always start with powering off the phone followed by any disassembly. If you are going to undertake iPhone repairs on your own then make sure that you use the five tips in this article to make things easier.

Get the right Tools

Before you undertake any type of iPhone repairing it is strongly advised that you assemble all the tools required. You can find a list of all the tools you will need online and you can also order the complete kit via the internet too. Not having the right tools or improvising because you want to save money can end up damaging your iPhone beyond repair. If you have all the tools then make sure that you double check by putting each one down on the table before you start any repairs.

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Use a Bright Light

The iPhone is renowned for its slim design which means that everything contained within its small body is equally small and slim which makes it hard to see most of the cables and screws inside. The easiest way to prevent mistakenly cutting through the screen cable or any other important wire is to have a bright white light below which you work. This will allow you to see everything clearly.

5 Tips For Making IPhone Repairs Easier

Wear a Static strap

Many of the tutorials that teach people how to fix their iPhone do not discuss the importance of wearing a grounding strap or a static strap as it is called. But this is a very important step because it ensures that you do not transfer any static electricity from your body on to the circuit which damages it beyond repair. Circuits the size of the motherboard inside your iPhone are really sensitive and static electricity will damage it for sure. It’s a $5 investment which will save you from further bother.

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Place your Phone on a Soft Towel

When disassembling your iPhone it should be placed face down on a soft towel preferably folded in two or three layers. The reason why you should do this is because it will protect the screen from scratches and streaks. The other reason why I recommend using a towel is because it prevents the phone from slipping during repairs.

Direct force towards the sides not Downwards

Taking apart your iPhone will require some force if this is your first time taking it apart. However, all iPhone repair specialists recommend that force should not be applied vertically (top to down) but horizontally (from side to side). Also all the cables, wires, screws etc., within the case of the iPhone should never be pulled by hand, the right technique should be used along with a pair of tweezers. www.brisbaneiphonescreens.com.au suggests that people who are not able to take the top cover of the iPhone off should opt to get their phone repaired professionally, the reason being that the underlying electronics are often delicate and the slightest mistake can break the phone beyond repair.

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In the fair majority of cases iPhone repairs regardless of model should be left up to the professionals. There are many professional businesses that specialize in repairing iPhones and these people have years of experience ensuring that your phone is returned to you as good as new. People who want to learn how to fix an iPhone should buy a bunch of old iPhones and practice on those that way if anything goes wrong you have not lost a few hundred dollars in the process. Procedures like screen replacements and motherboard replacements can easily be practiced on old phones.


Mark is an iPhone repair specialist with close to a decade of experience. He started off as a mobile repair person with a bachelors in electrical engineering. Today he runs his own specialized iPhone repair service which also specializes in repairing iPods and iPads in addition to a host of other types of electronics.